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Kiev "Winning Hearts and Minds" by Killing Civilians at Bus Stops

The people of Donetsk can't even walk the streets—or wait for a buswithout fearing for their lives


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One more innocent victim of Kiev's new demoNcratic regime killed at a bus stop

Can you imagine not being able to walk down the street of your home town because punitive forces sent from the capital city of your country are shelling your home and killing your relatives and neighbors?

Can you imagine not being able to protect or feed your children because a group of people that has taken power by armed coup decided to starve you to death?

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Four years old boy Artema killed by Ukrainian bombs in Donetsk on Sunday

Can you imagine not being able to receive your hard-earned pension since new regime decided that you are subhuman?

Can you imagine hiding in a basement for months since you don't know where and when the bombs will fall down?

This is the daily life of Donbas residents. For more than a week many Donbas cities and villages, especially Donetsk and Gorlovka, are exposed to 24 hours indiscriminate shelling from Ukrainian positions. Just in Gorlovka they were over 30 civilians killed in the last few days.

This video is aftermath of bus stop shelling that resulted in one dead and 6 injured civilians. Graham Philips once more was in danger of getting killed when more Ukrainian bombs started falling down.  Can you imagine being on the streets of Donetsk and experiencing these surreal scenes?

We've already shown you a horrific video of Donetsk citizens being shelled at a bus stop.

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Some of the journalists killed by Ukrainian forces. There was no "Je suis Charlie" for them.

It's now obvious that after every military defeat (in this case the loss of Donetsk airport) comes Kiev's retribution against the civilian population. Frustrated Poroshenko and Yatsenuk are venting their anger and frustration by shelling civilian areas, schools, heating plants, mines, and chemical and water processing plants. Their military actions have all the attributes of war crimes as defined by international law.

However, not once has Merkel, Hollande, Cameron or any other EU statesmen, and especially not Obama and the US hawks, criticized Poroshenko for violating the Geneva Convention; not a word about the indiscriminate shelling of Donbas cities that has resulted in the deaths of countless innocent lives.

Shame on Europe! Je suis Donbas!

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