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John 'Blame-America-First' McCain Is Now Ashamed of His Country (Video)

After blaming America for Ukraine's use of cluster bombs McCain now says is ashamed of the Home of the Free for not sending more weapons Kiev's way


Alex Christoforou is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at Red Pill Times

Nothing makes my blood boil (while at the same time making me chuckle) like listening to Senator John McCain.

The world's number one warmonger is at it again, lobbying hard for the military industrial complex that, he so often prostitutes himself out to, in order to get more lethal weapons shipped to the junta Nazi government in Ukraine.

Noticed I wrote the word 'more' because it is common knowledge that the US, EU, and NATO have been providing weapons to Ukraine's illegal government from the very start of the coup and civil war. This recent PR blitz for military, 'defensive weapons' to Kiev is just the legitimization of a practice that started exactly one year ago today.

In yesterday's Face the Nation interview, John McCain was at his lying best, in what can only be described as an Oscar worthy performance. To bad this interview took place one day after the Academy Awards were handed out, because this performance could have won Senator McCain the Oscar for best actor in a leading role for US government regime change and nation state destruction.

Let's critique McCain acting chops on Face the Nation, and see if the Senator from Arizona may be eligible for Oscar consideration next year. Knowing McCain this will not be his only film reel to show the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Face the Nation's Bob Shieffer: "How do you read what's happening there [Ukraine] and what do we [the US] need to do now?"
Senator John McCain: “I believe that German chancellor and president of France legitimized for the first time in 70 years the dismemberment of a country in Europe. It’s shameful."

Really John McCain. Let me first say this...Anyone who actually buys into then whole "we cannot redraw borders in Europe" argument has been living under a rock for the past 70 years.

Shall we go over the list of countries that America, Germany, and NATO have conveniently redrawn borders for...either with economic and political levers, or by flat out bombing campaigns.

Let's start with Germany itself. We should split Germany up again to East and West, because...well, borders were redrawn in Europe and we cannot have that.

How about Yugoslavia. That was a redrawing of borders with bombs...for 78 days and nights.

How about Kosovo. NATO and America ripped Kosovo from Serbia in 1999 without even offering the people of Kosovo a referendum.

How about these countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania...All created from the dismemberment or dissolution of a former state or it the USSR or something else.

Why did the UK offer Scotland a referendum to leave the union? Would this not be the redrawing of borders? And if Catalan does decide to eventually leave Spain, should America and NATO bomb Barcelona?

And why stop at Europe. America has and is actively carving the entire Middle East up into a thousand ISIS bite sized pieces, from Iraq to Libya, Syria and beyond.

JM: "Vladimir Putin has not paid any price, even the cease fire was violated until he achieved his objective of that vital rail link he'll pull back somehow, and the next will be Mariupol so that he can establish a land bridge to Crimea.”

Russia is not a party to a civil war in how exactly is Putin violating something that he is not a part of. Was it not just a few weeks back in Minsk that Putin, Merkel and Hollande worked all night to broker a ceasefire so that the parties actually recognized to be involved in the fighting, Ukraine and Novorussia, put an end to their civil war.

Where was America in these negotiations? They were no where to be found...and that's a good thing, because the last thing America wants is for the civil war to end.

Simply put, America has no real skin in the Ukraine game. To the US, chaos on Russia's border can only be a positive, regardless of the outcome, the death and destruction. Russia on the other hand has to manage a crisis on it's border, with a population that is, in some areas, 60% to 80% of Russian ethnicity. With over one million refugees flooding into Russia, this is not a conflict that does Putin any good.

If we want to get a bit more technical, Debaltsevo (the rail link McCain referenced) was not mentioned in the Minsk agreement. It was, de facto, concluded that the pocket was within the Novorussian acknowledged lines, and could be eliminated without breaking the general agreed upon ceasefire. Sorry John, but you know better than anyone that Poroshenko abandoned his Ukraine army in the cauldron.

A land bridge to Crimea via Mariupol is pure speculation...but if the Nazi Azov battalions decide to shell Novorussian cities again, then you bet the Novorussian army has the right to extend further into the Donbas oblast.

JM: "And uh I honestly...uh it's terrible. The Ukrainians aren't asking for American boots on the ground, that's not the question here, they are asking for weapons to defend themselves. And they are being slaughtered. And their army is...their military is being shattered."

If the Ukrainians are not asking for boots on the ground then what exactly will 600 US militarily personnel be doing in Ukraine in March? How about all the US/EU mercenaries that are embedded with Ukraine forces?

It was the Kiev junta that decided to bomb, with heavy artillery, the citizens of the Donbas, not the other way around.

Unless I am missing something, no Novorussian artillery shells have landed in Kiev or Lviv. So the only people being slaughtered are those men, women, and children living in places like Donetsk and Lugansk...hiding in basements to escape the constant shelling of Poroshenko's army.

Why did the Kiev junta take the war to the Donbas? Because people exercised their right to hold a democratic referendum, after a coup that America midwifed into existence? You remember the coup John, I mean you performed on stage to a Maidan audience exactly a year ago to date....another great performance I might add. How much did you earn for that performance I wonder.

McCain at Maidan
McCain at Maidan

And yes, the Ukraine military did get slaughtered because, as in any war, the people being invaded will fight tooth and nail to resist an invading army. This is just basic logic and common sense. The people in Donbas are fighting for their lives, their land, and their history. It's going to be a cold day in hell before any US/EU backed nazi army occupies this region.

JM: "This is a shameful chapter. I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people. It is really, really heartbreaking."

John McCain believe us when we say that you have done quite a lot in one year's time. I mean, you destroyed an entire country in one year, restarted the Cold War, killed over 5,000 people (Germany reports say 50,000 killed), and re-bankrupted Europe. Bravo!

But we do agree with Senator McCain on some points here. The Ukraine coup, and US/EU instigated war is a massive, dark blotch on the often touted American and European values and ideals.

So yes, shame on America and shame on Europe. It is really heartbreaking to see the western world support a bunch of neo-nazi freaks, while blatantly ordering these wolfsangel wearing militias to ethnically cleanse an entire people, so that the Hunter Bidens of the world can lay claim to the spoils of war.

BS: "What do you think can be done?"
JM: "We can give them...for to start with we should give them weapons for which to defend themselves. There are Russian tanks in Eastern Ukraine Bob, that they have no weapon to fight against. They have...some of the best Russian special forces are there. And they will continue this...aggression for as long as they can get away with it. And it's not just the military side, but economically, they are on the verge of collapse as well." “Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine not to be part of Europe, and he is succeeding in doing so. He has put enormous pressure on the Baltics, not to mention Moldova, and a continued occupation of Georgia as well. This is really a dark chapter in the history of our Alliance."

Never one to stop lobbying for the sale of more weapons, here is John McCain at his acting best. Russian tanks everywhere...but no evidence, photos, satellite images, nothing. Just some tweets and pictures from the 2008 Georgia war.

While we listen to the tiring 'Russian invasion' meme for the 3,000th time, lets also lay blame for Ukraine's economic woes on Russia.

This was all part of Putin's grand strategy, to bankrupt the country by baiting them to sign an Association Agreement with the EU, cutting ties to all business done with Russia, destabilize energy security via Ukraine's transit gas, forcing Ukraine to dismantle all their industry because it can not possibly compete with European manufacturing, and tricking the US to confiscate all of Ukraine's gold reserves in the dead of night...all so that Russia can take care of a broke, destitute country of 45 million people. Yeah that makes economic sense for the Russian Federation.

Now in the case of putting pressure on Baltic nations and Moldova...what exactly did Russia do to pressure these nations? Last I checked it was Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that supported EU sanctions against Russia, not the other way around. Does Russia really care about three rinky dink countries in the Baltics, that not even their own citizens care to live in (as witnessed in their record breaking population declines).

Georgia...well we all know who started that war. An independent report has blamed Georgia for starting last year’s five-day war with Russia. The findings by the EU were particularly critical of U.S. ally Georgia’s conduct under President Mikheil Saakashvili. Yeah Mr. Saakashvili is now in the Ukraine government...funny coincidence?

"Alliance." What alliance is McCain talking about. NATO? Is Moldova, Ukraine, or Georgia is NATO. Not last time I checked.

BS: “I’ll say this, senator, I’ve known you for a long, long time, interviewed you many, many times, and I’ve never heard you say I’m ashamed of my country, which you just said.” JM: “And I’m ashamed of myself.”

Yes, John McCain has a lot to be ashamed for. More than we could possibly list here on this site. It would probably take us one year to fully list and document all the things that John McCain has to be ashamed for...But, we must admit, he did give a great performance on Face the Nation.

It's sad that so many people will buy into his tall tales...but this is, after all, the fantasy world that the Empire of Chaos loves to promote to its audience of movie goers. Give this man an Oscar!

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