Gorbachev's PM: Kiev Leaders Are Freaks, Idiots - They've Lost Donbas Forever

Worth a listen.  Wise words from an old cold-warrior.  Born and raised in Donbas, he explains some simple stuff the West does not understand.  (3 minutes - captions)

This guy was Gorbachev's prime minister for 6 years.  He is seen as one of the most capable leaders of that generation.
This is really surprisingly revealing.  An old man now, he was born and raised in Donbas, and he gives some wise insight into the mentality of the people there. 
He tells it straight:  Ukraine has lost Donbas forever.  
He thinks the leadership in Kiev is intensely stupid for having attacked these people, betraying total ignorance of what people are like in East Ukraine.

He ran the Soviet Union for 6 years