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Fox News: Putin Gearing up for 'Stalin-like' Purges

Probably the most insane anti-Russia garbage we've ever seen



Excerpts from a truly mind-melting exchange between Tucker Carlson (whose media exploits deserve a separate post) and  Fox News "strategic analyst" Lt. Col. Ralph Peters:

"This could not have happened if Vladimir Putin didn't personally ordered assassination of Boris Nemtsov"

"This happened because Putin wanted it to happen"

"Way back in 1934 Stalin ordered a murder of a rising rival Sergey Kirov, the equivalent of Nemtsov and than he turned it around and blame it on opposition..."

"What we can expect in Russia right now purges are coming"

"He (Putin) has been repeatedly invading foreign countries..."

"If we don't interfere in Ukraine he (Putin) will go after Lithuania, Estonia, he is out of control now"

"At some point you gotta stop the Hitlers and the longer you wait, the higher the bill and we will not even give defensive arms to Ukraine"

"It's the Russian people tragedy that the United States is lead by such a weakling and such a coward (Obama) today"

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