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Is The Economist Staffed by Braindead Shysters? Experts Say "Yes"

Season's greetings from Edward Lucas!


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Edward Lucas is an idiot. What did "Anne Applebaum with a wiener" do this time? We are going to use our Internet Time Machine to take you back to March 2014, when Edward Lucas participated in a fun debate, "Is Russia a Marginal Power?" Edward Lucas certainly seems to think so. So what country is a "non-marginal power"? An audience member asks this question to Edward, and his answer might not surprise you! Let's see what happens

Audience Member: For the group arguing in favor of the motion – can you describe which countries other than the United States and China that you would consider a non-marginal power, and why, in comparison to Russia?

<figcaption>Lucas with his Estonian "gift card"</figcaption>
Lucas with his Estonian "gift card"

Edward Lucas: I would say most countries in the G20, but I would also say that even small countries can play a really important role; I'd say Estonia – which is like one million people – is a cyber power...

Moderator: Ed, are you saying that Russia is more marginal than Estonia? [Laughter from the audience]

Don't laugh. After all, Lucas is a tax dodger e-citizen of Estonia. Do you feel the power? 

Watch this heartwarming exchange for yourself in the video below. It starts at about 1:27:20:


By the way, Lucas lost the debate. Happy holidays!


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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