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DPR President Shames Ukrainian Army Officer

DPR president Zakharchenko doesn't mince his words during an altercation with a Ukrainian officer


This video shows a heated discussion between Donetsk People's Republic president Aleksandr Zakharchenko and a Ukrainian Army representative.

It was recorded during a meeting mediated by the OSCE near Donetsk airport, during which the parties tried to agree upon a ceasefire.

The UAF officer stated that they would keep shelling Donetsk until DPR forces stopped attacking Ukrainian troops at the airport: “Our soldiers are dying in the terminal. As soon as the terminal storming ends, we will stop shooting”.

Please keep in mind that the DPR operation started as a result of massive Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on 11 January.

The cynical explanation of Ukrainian officer provoked an emotional reaction from the head of the DPR.

“This is my mother-in-law’s house” – said Zakharchenko as he pointed at homes destroyed by shelling – “so now you want to tell me that your soldiers are dying there? Bastards and scoundrels are dying there! I am telling this right to your face! I will destroy anyone, who comes here with a weapon! This is my land, the land, where I was born!”

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Zakharchenko celebrating capture of Donetsk airport with Donetsk soldiers
The Ukrainian army representative, apparently also from Donetsk replied:  "My father's home was also destroyed." Zakharchenko responded: "Your soldiers destroyed it! Do you understand?"
In another video recorded after the heated discussion, Zakharchenko added: "Unfortunately Ukrainian armed forces - even though they gave an oath to Ukraine - succumbed to the coup, accepted the armed coup in country. In fact they are traitors, not officers".

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