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Check Out These Tough Questions People Asked at Putin's Presser (Video)

Contrasts starkly with stage-managed, soft-ball press conferences of Western leaders


Is it possible that in "authoritarian" Russia , a "dictator" answers questions that sharply criticized his policies in front of millions of citizens, and indeed, the whole world?

How it is possible that a journalist with "Ukrop" written on his tee shirt (a slogan for Ukrainian neo-Nazi volunteer battalions) accuses Putin of invasion, or that another alleges corruption of top Russian officials and close Putin allies?

<figcaption>Anti-Russian Western Putinophobia is in full swing, but it does not match reality</figcaption>
Anti-Russian Western Putinophobia is in full swing, but it does not match reality

What's going on here? There must be something wrong.  This doesn't fit Western anti-Russian propaganda mantra.

Can you imagine Obama, Merkel, Hollande or Cameroon answering tough questions on live TV for 4 hours without teleprompters and staged and predefined journalist's questions?

No way, it would never happen.

It speaks volumes about democracy and transparency of leaders of "free democratic world".

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