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From Bismarck to Julie Bishop or: Why Western Civilization Is Doomed

The first-ever "emoticon" political interview. Is this the end of Western diplomacy?


Western diplomacy has come a long way—from brilliant foreign policy minds like Cardinal Richelieu, Otto von Bismarck, Benjamin Disraeli, and George F. Kennan to the likes of Julie Bishop, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton

In the world's first-ever "emoticon interview" (hopefully many to come, fingers crossed) Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop answered serious diplomatic questions asked by BuzFeed's horde of clueless content farmers.

<figcaption>Julie, remember: "He who angers you conquers you"</figcaption>
Julie, remember: "He who angers you conquers you"

Answering a question about Australia's relationship with the US government, she gave a thumbs-up, a tick, and a smiling face.

When asked about Putin she gave a red, frowning face. Not really a surprise... 

This is Julie congratulating Christmas to... toddlers?

There is a reason why human civilization moved from simple symbols to more sophisticated alphabets. It seems that modern Western societies are celebrating infantile stupidity as a new "golden calf" desirable even to leaders of the heard, and where living in a B production High School Movie as an immature teenager is a the Holy Grail of one's existence.

Mrs. Bishop is a favorite for the post of the next Australian Prime Minister, replacing Tony ''failed-to-shirt-front-Putin'' Abbott. Another "useful idiot" at the post of Australian Prime Minister will not make any difference when it comes to maintaining Australian client state status in America's not-so-new world order. 

Luckily enough, she didn't try to shirt-front Putin during the 2014 G20 Brisbane summit; he could have got a wrong impression. 

At the end let's remind Julie what Bismarck said about Russia:

"The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia."

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