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Azov Battalion Defeats Unarmed Office Workers, Tries to Celebrate but Can't Open Wine Bottle

Security cameras capture a daring raid (and resulting celebration) by the neo-Nazi Azov battalion


This video went viral in Russia and Ukraine. It shows the "magnificent victory of the glorious Azov battalion": a group of Azov soldiers storming a defenseless office in Mariupol, and then celebrating their victory.

It should be noted that Ukraine's "voluntary battalions" fighting in the East consist mostly of right-wing nationalists, neo-Nazis, militant adrenalin junkies, the unemployed and brainwashed teens and youth. 

<figcaption>They don't teach you how to open bottles at neo-Nazi boot camp?</figcaption>
They don't teach you how to open bottles at neo-Nazi boot camp?

This "victory video" was created by Ukrainian journalist Anatoliy Shariy, who is currently living in the Netherlands. He was persecuted by the Yanukovich regime for exposing its corrupt practices but is objective about the current situation in Ukraine.

So let's have a look at one of many recorded victories of "the elite forces of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior" - Azov Battalion. Don't forget to watch the "wine opening ceremony" at the very end! 


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