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Amazing Poroshenko Video: Keep Donbas Children "Holed Up" in Basements

  • In a rare burst of candor, Poroshenko describes how he will "liberate" East Ukraine
  • Watch this video closely - for all the world it looks to us like a loser trying desperately hard to be a national leader, and failing completely



One of the many promises Poroshenko made to Ukrainian voters in October was to keep Donbas children "holed up in their basements," according to a recently unearthed video of the Ukrainian president "crowd pleasing" at the Odessa opera house. Finally, a politician who doesn't lie. 

In an address given just days before the October parliamentary elections, Poroshenko outlined his brilliant strategy for winning the "anti-terror operation": 

<figcaption>Glory to Ukraine? </figcaption>
Glory to Ukraine?

We (Ukraine) will have our jobs – they (Donbas) will not. We will have our pensions – they will not. We will have care for children, for people and retirees – they will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens... theirs will hole up in the basements. Because they are not able to do a thing. This is exactly how we will win this war!

Basically what Poroshenko is saying is that Donbas will be Ukraine's Gaza Strip.

Indiscriminate shelling and bombing of civilian infrastructure with ballistic missiles, cluster bombs, and incendiary weapons has destroyed hospitals, power plants, coal mines, water-processing plants etc. The goal is to make Donbas uninhabitable. And keep children from going to school. 

What is interesting is that he is indirectly admitting war crimes of Ukrainian army, since sitting in cellars can only be the result of Ukrainian forces continually shelling Donbas residential areas.

Poroshenko is a bitter, vengeful, frustrated old candy pusher. This is the man who has the blessings of the West? God help us all. 

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