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'90s Sitcom "Seinfeld" Predicted NATO Strategy in Ukraine

Sometimes life imitates art...


In this clip from the episode "The Labelmaker" from the 1990s sitcom "Seinfeld," Kramer (Micheal Richards) and Newman (Wayne Knight) become obsessed with the board game "Risk" — a game of world domination.

The pair's subway dialog presciently describes how US/NATO policy in Europe has operated since 1991.

<figcaption>"Ukraine is game to you?!"</figcaption>
"Ukraine is game to you?!"

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia completely withdrew from Europe — leaving only a naval base in Crimea. Washington apparently believed Ukraine was just another "road apple" on its drive to completely encircle and neutralize Russia. 

In the video, It is notably the Ukrainian himself who angrily overturns and destroys everything, under the mistaken perception that he is somehow defending his country.

He doesn't understand that to some, the fate of Ukraine is simply a game.


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