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Turks Aren't Going to Like This: US Building Two Airstrips in Syrian Kurdistan

Which can mean only one thing: more US hardware for the Kurdish militias

According to Kurdish reports US is building two airstrips in north-eastern Syria under the control of the Kurdish YPG militia. Asked for a comment Americans neither denied nor confirmed the reports saying they were not "in control" of any airfields in Syria but were "consistently looking for ways to increase efficiency for logistics". – Obviously it's possible to have airstrips built or expanded (or ask to have them expanded) to enhance their 'efficiency for logistics' without taking formal control of them.

The airstrips are clearly not intended to serve as US airbases (as Kurds also claim), but that's going to do little to comfort Ankara. US is already delivering supplies to the Kurdish YPG, particularly in the Syrian north-east. If airstrips are being expanded that can only mean that such deliveries are to be increased – possibly to be delivered by larger aircraft.  

Indeed, in recent days the Kurds have been making progress against ISIS, and have been doing so in the southern direction towards Raqqa and along the Syrian-Iraqi border favored by the US. (Rather than in the Kurdish-favored western direction that would see them link up with the Kurdish Afrin corridor and seal off Syria's northern border from Turkey completely.)

Are Kurds getting their reward for playing along?

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