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Tucker Carlson Roots for Russia on Air, MSM Heads Explode

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has crossed an MSM Rubicon and questioned the Douma “gas attack” fraud on air, bringing up the OPCW whistleblower. Then he “rooted for Russia” over Ukraine. Was it a “betrayal,” or epic truth-trolling?

Carlson boldly went where no mainstream TV host had gone before, unpacking the explosive story of April 2018’s Douma “chemical weapons attack.” While the “attack” was attributed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by an altered report from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, two whistleblowers within the group accused it of omitting evidence to craft a misleading narrative - a fact that has never crossed the lips of US media until Monday night.

<figcaption>Carlson looms large over the streets of New York...and MSM devotees' psyches © Reuters / Brendan McDermid</figcaption>
Carlson looms large over the streets of New York...and MSM devotees' psyches © Reuters / Brendan McDermid

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The polarizing Fox host dismantled the official Western media narrative in a seven-minute segment that included an interview with the Guardian correspondent who personally witnessed the second whistleblower present evidence to the agency.

America almost attacked a country and killed untold thousands of people over an attack that may never have happened in the first place - that powerful people may very well have been lying about,” Carlson told his audience, replaying footage of his show from the days following the attack to show he’d always been suspicious it had happened as reported.

There was no real reason why Assad would make an attack at this stage, because he was already capturing most of Douma and was about to capture the rest of it. He didn’t need to go in for a chemical gas attack at that stage,” Guardian journalist Jonathan Steele told Carlson, echoing what alt-media journalists have been screaming to the skies since the dubious “attack” went down in April 2018 - a point of view which has nevertheless been exiled from mainstream news.

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been manipulated. We knew it at the time,” Carlson said, expressing a sliver of hope that other shows would follow his lead and cover the story.

Adding insult to injury, Carlson proceeded to shred the sanctimonious Ukrainegate narrative in another segment of his show, asking former Hillary Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein “Why is it worse to ask about [Hunter Biden taking millions of dollars from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma] than it is to do it?

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Because thousands of people are dying on the front lines! You think it’s a joke—” a flustered Goodstein began, before Carlson cut him off with an indignant “Why do I care what’s going on in the conflict between Ukrai


And why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am!

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Goodstein blustered on about how arch-hawk former vice president Dick Cheney had called the never-proven-yet-still-alleged Russian election interference “a warlike attack” and how Trump would surely “put the arm on” China if he was allowed to remain president, but Carlson had voiced the unspoken suspicions of many of his viewers - why, indeed, should they care about Ukraine? - and Goodstein’s lack of a ready response was telling. The impeachment hearings have been drawing lower ratings than expected, even though polls from the start of the inquiry showed about half the country supported it.

Carlson later said he was trolling Russiagaters on the Left when he said he was “rooting for Russia,” but that only cemented his treason in the minds of his detractors, who declared him a traitorous wretch and called for his removal from the airwaves.

Russiagate truthers took Carlson’s words as the proof their pet conspiracy theory was waiting for. “Carlson is rooting for Russia to invade Europe,” one blue-check tweetedcalling Fox News a “national security threat.”

Supporting Russia was “treason,” full stop.

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Others demanded his sponsors abandon him and Fox take him off the air - because apparently nothing says America like censorship?

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Many slammed him as a communist, perhaps forgetting the USSR has not existed for decades.

And a few lonely voices merely marveled at the total reversal of a status quo in which the Left had once stood against war.

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Source: RT
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