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Tucker Carlson Returns, 3 Day Absence After Exposing Syria Fraud Still a Mystery

He's back to his usual routine of setting globalists' hair on fire. It will be particularly revealing how he handles Syria going forward ...

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    Following a three day absence conspicuously taking place after his critical coverage of the Syria strikes, Tucker Carlson returned to television on Monday.

    Carlson has been critical of US involvement in Syria consistently for the past year. However his questioning of the legitimacy of the alleged gas attack by Bashar al-Assad left many wondering if he had crossed the line with Fox and received a suspension.

    The absence began the day after Carlson had a very interesting interview with the former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford. Ford questioned if there really was a chemical attack in Douma earlier this month. He discussed journalists who talked with doctors at the hospital who claimed there was no chemical attack. Ford also called out the supposed humanitarian group, the “White Helmets” for being a jihadist group. Ford claimed that the White Helmets came in with video cameras, screaming about gas, and began to hose people while recording, without any evidence of such an attack.

    Ford broke two unspoken rules here. First, he pointed out that the supposed humanitarian group behind all of the HD videos that have led to scrutiny on Assad is actually an Islamist opposition group with no credibility. Second, he questioned the extremely shaky official narrative of a gas attack on women and children. The latter was the element that made me wonder if Carlson was being punished. By voicing agreement with Ford, Tucker joined a group that consists mostly of the Alt-Right—a dangerous place to be.

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