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Tucker Carlson Misses 3rd Day Without Explanation After Dropping Syria / Russia Truth Bombs

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The Tuck was again missing from Friday's show, extending his absence to a disquieting 3 days.

The internet is abuzz with speculation on 4chan, reddit, and other forums. Type 'Tucker Carlson MIA' into Google and you get dozens of results. Here's a meme someone made:

We started covering his absence on Friday morning, wondering if his truth bombs about Syria and Russia had ticked off the wrong people. He has become the most powerful journalist to point out that the Syria gassing was most likely a false flag - something the rest of the mainstream media, like the NY Times and The Washington Post, are desperately trying to cover up with bogus stories spread by UK intelligence that the Russians and Syrians are trying to block an investigation. In fact the opposite is true, they are insisting on one, confident that the fraud will be exposed if a fair investigation is conducted. We wrote about this on Friday: Media Keeps Parroting Fake News of Russian / Syrian 'Cover-Up' of Chemical Sites.

This is not the first time Carlson has been absent but it is usually acknowledged by other hosts and explained in the media. Last year when Carlson disappeared it was due to appendicitis:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was absent from his show on Thursday night and TheWrap has learned that he suffered an appendicitis.

“Tucker is now being treated for appendicitis. He is in good spirits and expects to back on the air soon,” a Fox News spokesperson said.

Ed Henry filled in as the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday and Dana Perino will fill in for Carlson on Friday.

Carlson's Facebook page has many asking questions. Stephen Quinn asks: 

"Why has Tucker been removed from the air? To much truth o. Syria?"

There are rumors Tucker is on a short vacation and just didn't announce it, and they may be right.

His Twitter account continues to be quiet, since April 12, which is also unusual.

Until he returns we can't know for sure.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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