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Tucker Carlson Blasts Syria Bombing AGAIN, Hosts Stephen Cohen: 'Americans Will DIE!'

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This is over. Trump will not bomb.

Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, Anne Coulter, Carlson, Alex Jones, the Alt-Right, - are all blasting the idea as ridiculous. That is Trump's political lifeline.

Here's the latest from Tuckers show last night. Cohen says this is most scared he's been since the Cuban missle crisis, an event he is old enough to remember. He explains that the US has been waging 'political, economic, and diplomatic war' against Russia for 10 years now, and the mood in Moscow is: 'We have had enough'. Russians will hit back, and Americans will die.

Your move Trump.

And here is a Russian TV news report from yesterday, showing the Russian missiles in Syria on full combat alert, ready to take down American planes:

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