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Trump's USA Is a Threat to the EU on par with Russia, Radical Islam and China -- 'EU President' Donald Tusk

This is the level of paranoia and scaremongering Russia has had to deal with for decades

Donald Tusk is a former prime minister of Poland who is now doing the standard lucrative Brussels circuit for has been politicians.

He is doing better than the rest of too, seeing how he Presides over the European Council which makes him a kind of  symbolic 'head of state' for the European Union.

It's a richly rewarding "job" in terms of euros but as you might expect not exactly one where you actually do anything.

So to keep busy Donald went a penned an open letter addressed to presidents of the 27 EUmember states in which he opines that US is now an "existential threat" to the EU joining the ranks of Russia, China and radical Islam.

It's difficult to say anything sensible to something so outlandish. Yes, Trump might be more open about the fact that US and the EU often see each other as trade competitors and he is pals with Nigel Farage, but that hardly means either United States or its President are now a threat to the EU. That Tusk thinks otherwise only betrays his lack of confidence in the organization. 

Then again the notion that US now threatens the very existence of the EU is no more ludicrous than the notion that Russia or China do so, or indeed "radical Islam".

So when the ex-Polish PM fingers Donal Trump's USA as a threat he is exhibiting great levels of paranoia, but it is a level of paranoia that Russia has had to live with for decades.

Mr. Trump, welcome to Russia's world!

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