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Trump's New National Security Advisor, Beloved of the Establishment, Is a War Criminal

But at least he's not a Russia-lover!

The myth of McMaster is that he is a warrior scholar who was passed up for promotion because he is a maverick.

In fact he is a bully and a thug who should rightfully be rotting in a damp cell but was elevated to general because he is a crony of the perfumed prince David Petraeus.

Indeed he was at one time passed for promotion, until rescued by Petraeus, because of the war crimes he had committed in Iraq and which led a military policeman to recommend raising charges against him -- a move which led to him being packed out of Iraq and temporarily passed over for general but never tried as he should have been.

The military policeman in question, has spoken out. Retired Colonel Arnaldo Claudio has revealed that in 2005 he investigated reports of detainee abuses Iraq's Tal Afar and found the US forces there had several hundred prisoners hand-cuffed, lying on their bellies on the ground, exposed to heat and sun and totally dehydrated. Prisoners would be kept that way for days and weeks, not permitted to move, left to defecate on themselves and beaten with sticks.

The commanding officer was Colonel H.R. McMaster.


What he saw in April 2005 shocked Claudio. At a camp designed for 250 detainees, more than 900 prisoners were being held in conditions that violated U.S. regulations and the Geneva Conventions governing the treatment of prisoners of war.

He found between 300 and 400 detainees, some kneeling, others lying side-by-side in the sand, tied together with plastic hand-cuffs, and without food or water, he said.

When he got out of his car he was immediately overwhelmed by the stench of urine and the defecation, Claudio said.


“When we looked at it we said 'oh my god this is a facility [for] about 250 [people]. We think there's about eight or nine hundred people there. There has to be accountability of these people, they are human beings,'” he said.


“There's levels of torture and for me that was torture," he said. "I mean how can you go ahead and handcuff a person next to each other, for days, let them defecate, let them urinate over themselves, don't [let them] take a shower, don't feed them?"


Another military officer who participated in the investigation confirmed Claudio’s version, but asked to remain anonymous.

“They weren’t only tied by the hands to each other, when they took them to the latrines they beat them with a stick,” he said.

Hey what a coincidence. The guy who every Washington insider was ecstatic was replacing the supposedly Russia-loving Mike Flynn is a war criminal and human scum.

It's highly entertaining that McMaster was picked up for his alleged military expertise. Tal Afar today is a notorious ISIS stronghold -- one of the few places the group after 2 years of retreats is still comfortably holding onto. Heck, with McMaster as their recruiter how hard can it be? Chances are a chunk of people who welcomed ISIS to Tal Afar had a cousin or a son tortured by the brilliant war theorist McMaster.

For more listen to an interview with Claudio on the excellent Scott Horton Show:

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