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Trump's Immigration Ban Is Another Nail in the Coffin of US-German Relations

If Trump provokes a global values-signaling war Germany and Trumpistan are not going to be on the same sides

Are US and Germany on a course for another cooling of relations on part with the post-2003 excommunication of Germany by Bush over refusal to go into Iraq? How about yes, absolutely.

Of course, a few short years earlier Berlin had been all to happy to bomb Yugoslavia and the Bosnian Serbs, so the German refusal was never about opposition to messing with weird foreign people per se.

The Germans' real objection was as to how Iraq invasion was being pitched by the Republicans in DC. There was just too much cowboy talk that is appreciated by millions of NASCAR watchers, but that Euro-weenies can not digest.

They wanted more of the wishy-washy stuff about how killing Iraqis is going to help Iraqis, and most of all they wanted it to come from someone who hadn't made it his life's goal to impersonate a horseriding shepherd.

That is to say the 2003 break was not really triggered by a substantive issue, but merely symbolism and form.

With the White House again in the hands of an obnoxious Republican big on signaling to flyover rednecks there promises to be no shortage of inane symbolic issues for Euro-weenies to get their panties in a twist.

In fact they've already started. After Trump banned immigrants from half a dozen spooky-sounding Muslim countries, they're now busy counter-signaling:

Germany’s new foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has signaled a cooling in German relations with the United States and vowed on Saturday to forge stronger ties with the unpopular Socialist regime in France instead in welcoming migrants.

In his first foreign visit, Gabriel told Reuters in Paris how much he disliked Trump’s decision to halt the US refugee program. The German foreign minister fumed against the American president’s executive order to ban asylum seekers from several Muslim countries.

This is likely a sign of things to come. US president will continue to provoke liberal weenies, who will continue to take a stand against him. At some point this has to have an effect on the actual relationship between their governments.

If you think this is insane and that inane values signaling can not possibly degrade US-European relations you are wrong. In our irrational and anti-political era that is the only things which can.

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