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Trump Will Not Accomplish Anything Unless the Republican Party Is Destroyed

Trumpism is not the problem, establishment conservatism is

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

When Trump loses next November, the liars in the press will tell you that Trump abandoned true conservatism and paid for it by losing the presidency. Nothing could be more false. Trump won the presidency precisely because he was not a true conservative, or the kind of Republican who could pass for one. Trump mocked true conservatism, he celebrated its demise, largely unwittingly. Then, when he entered the White House, he resurrected it, again largely unwittingly. He will ultimately be replaced in 2020 precisely because he has governed as a true conservative, which is to say a puppet for oligarchs and banksters. It turns out the neoconservative silliness that rightist establishment folks call “true conservatism” is garbage, and also incredibly unpopular amongst ordinary people.

Conservatism became disturbingly amusing when Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to millions of invaders in 1986. It became a sick joke when conservatives proudly and routinely began to place the safety and well-being of Americans below the interests of the chosenite citizens of a foreign ethnocracy. It became an absolute laughingstock when the party of “small government” produced a larger military budget than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Britain, France, Japan and India combined, and then turned the focus of the US Government’s mighty intelligence gathering and surveillance powers inward on American citizens. “Small government”! Pah! There is not a cake in the world so rich.

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When Trump loses, the Cultural Marxist US power class (which includes both the Cultural Marxist left and its “true conservative” allies on the fake right, who actually conserve nothing) will attempt to cast his defeat as a defeat of Trumpism. Yet Trumpism was never really tried! It was proposed and elected, but never actually instituted. Thus, if Trump’s defeat is the defeat of anything, it will be the 3rd or 4th defeat of “true conservatism”, which is to say the ideology of the GOP establishment. When Trump loses, it will be because he campaigned as if he was Julius Caesar, promising monumental reforms and a Lutheresque battle against concentrated corruption, and yet has governed as a garden variety neocon, delivering foolish tax giveaways to the wealthy along with half-hearted attempts to orchestrate regime change on distant continents, all while pretending to be interested in the concerns of the common people and scoffing at them behind closed doors. Donald Trump is worse than a failure as a President. Failures can sometimes be forgiven. Turncoats and traitors can never be.

It is perhaps ironic to use an insult like “traitor” against Trump, since the political left is fond of slinging it at the man as well. Granted, the left isn’t exactly wrong. Candidate Trump was a traitor to the mad DC hegemon and the monsters who feed on it, in a very real sense. He challenged their anti-racist/crypto-Marxist orthodoxies, he spat on the godhead of diversity, he praised borders, he dared to criticize the conduct of poor, oppressed brown criminals, and he spoke up for the white majority. Who could have imagined that he would let his weasel of a son-in-law burn the hopes of his presidency on the altar of globalism, when it was his passionate opposition to globalism that put him on the throne in the first place. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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Whoever Trump serves, it isn’t us, that’s for sure. Democrats, on the other hand, at least serve their voters in part, and do some things for them. Republicans promise things to their voters, and deliver things to their donors. I am not even sure what the conservatism that Republicans purport to believe in, stands for anymore. Neither do most ordinary Americans.

On the other hand, we know precisely what Democrats stand for, and exactly who they represent. They represent non-whites against the interests of whites. That is all they really represent. And they do. Quite well. Moreover, that representation is rooted in a kind of morality, an insanely delusional Cultural Marxist morality, but a morality no less. The Democrat Party speaks for the “oppressed” (non-whites, non-males, non-binary lunatics), and against the “oppressors” (whites, men, capitalists, people who don’t think you become a man just because you declare yourself one). For a large portion of America, that seems to be good enough. Non-whites trust Democrats to steal for them everything whites still possess on account of the white race’s historical accomplishments (which is not really so much anymore), and they are smart to.

Last week, Republicans in Florida voted to essentially nullify a ballot initiative which gained the support of 64% of Floridians. The Republican legislature wanted to make sure everybody, the state, creditors, victims, whoever, gets their money before felons get their voting rights restored. As if convicted felons are going to be paying down enormous debts or hefty government fees they probably don’t even know about sometime soon. So, what the heck does any of that have to do with “conservatism” you might ask? Well, nothing really. It seems the “conservative movement” has become so consumed by petty economic and financial concerns that it has lost sight of everything else. Turns out that all the propagandists on television must do is repeat over and over that money is the only thing of any importance, and weak-minded plebs on the right start believing it.

Actually, the debacle in Florida has many parallels with the Brexit debacle. The people chose one thing, but moneyed interests and money idolaters had a different idea in mind. The Republican position is now the Stephen Moore position. Moore, you see, is “not a big believer in democracy”. Capitalism is a lot more important, according to him. Not only is that kind of silliness a losing political position, it is idiotic unto itself. It is also not conservative. How does pinching pennies at the expense of democracy preserve the traditions and ways of a people? If you told the Founding Fathers that money was more important than the will of the people, or personal honor, or many things for that matter, they would have scoffed at you. And good on them.

Our great god-emperor Trump will lose in 2020, badly in all likelihood, and he will deserve it. We will deserve it. Whities and righties deserve no better. We refuse to take our own side. Our enemies are proud to hate us. They are proud to silence us. They are proud to assault us. They are proud to deplatform us. They are proud to discriminate against us. They are proud to marginalize us. They call all that illiberal craziness “social justice” or some crap.

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When Trump won, everyday white Americans were excited, we were optimistic. We finally had someone who claimed he would represent us. In reality, he was a con man, lying through his teeth, as he has done his whole life. And when time revealed that he never had any real desire to do anything he promised, we made up excuses for him, we came up with elaborate tales as to why he couldn’t negotiate, or get anything done, we denied what was right before our very eyes, we pretended he was really changing things, when really he had already yielded to the swamp, and was governing like a Bush with orange leaves.

Conservatism is a farce because we let it become one. It is withering on the vine and it deserves to be. We have let talk radio and Fox News and Saudi businessmen and an assortment of megadonors and powerful interests connected to the faux right lead us by the nose for decades. We have let them debase conservatism so thoroughly that it is now completely unrecognizable; we have let them sell us shit in a candy wrapper.

Your typical conservative luminaries

Not long after some Democrat nitwit purporting to represent the global poor from his/her walled mccastle, like that mad Neo-Bolshevik who sits on the Chair of St. Peter in Rome, is inaugurated, those powerful interests will be striving shamelessly to resurrect “true conservatism” once again. They will argue that if Trump had just embraced the corporate version of conservatism, the kind that lets righties be censored on a mass-scale because muh free market and muh property rights, he would have won reelection. They will force-feed us more shit and most “patriots” will enjoy the taste. As for me, I’m done with it.

Republicans are not going to save us. It is well past time to stop pretending they will. If the Republican Party wants my vote, it will have to change fundamentally. In order to change, it must take responsibility for its own failures and stop blaming political philosophies that have never actually been instituted here in America. Sadly, there is no evidence to suggest it is ready to do that. Instead, what I suspect the GOPe wants most to do, is make its way back to what it was before Trump came along.

The GOP establishment exists to serve foreign lobbies, multinational corporations, oligarchs, weapons manufacturers, and allied swamp monsters. It hasn’t adapted thus far and won’t adapt anytime soon, because serving its [pay]masters is everything and serving us peons is nothing. Adapting is more likely to succeed in putting the GOPe back into power after Trump is dead and buried politically, but it would be more costly to its masters. Thus, the choice is an easy one for folks who don’t care about their voters’ interests, and who also believe they can spin anything to their own favor.

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The GOP will try to hang Trumpism for Trump’s eventual defeat. If voters buy it, that would be a double victory for the neocon swamp scum. First, Americans vote for Trumpism but don’t actually receive it because the Trump presidency gets co-opted early on by truecons/neocons (Kushner, Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo), and then Trumpism gets relegated to the ash heap of history for being a losing electoral formula by those very truecons/neocons who co-opted and castrated it. First they govern, and then they cleverly blame their adversaries for misgoverning! It is despicable to be sure, downright Machiavellian even, but Romney and Kristol and their ilk probably believe they can pull it off. With help from their allies in the lying press, they may be right. Remember, nothing is beneath these swamp people.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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