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Trump Shafts American Workers Yet Again, Refuses State Disaster Assistance (FTN Transcript + Audio)

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From the FTN Website:

Disaster unemployment assistance allows workers who aren’t eligible for traditional unemployment benefits, like Uber drivers and other gig economy workers, to receive 26 weeks’ unemployment benefits if their job loss is attributable to a disaster that eliminates their job or keeps them from reaching their job site. To receive disaster employment assistance, a state must be declared a disaster area by the president.

Even though the White House approved 3 states’ disaster declarations last week (NY, CA, and WA), they have not released disaster unemployment assistance. In fact, the only aid the Trump administration has released to these 3 states thus far is “crisis counseling”.

Jazz and James discuss yet another instance of willful disregard for working class Americans by the Trump administration.

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Transcript follows below.

(Backup audio in case YouTube decides this is something Americans shouldn't know about.)

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Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors.

[00:00:08] So you had three point three, eight million new unemployment claims this week. That is five times as many unemployment claims last week as any we can history in. Don't worry, though, Steve Mnuchin, who has a net worth of three hundred million dollars and who is Jewish, in case you were wondering. He said that unemployment numbers are not relevant because three weeks from now, all those people will be getting twelve hundred dollar checks from our government. He literally said that not even fucking kidding.

[00:00:38] I mean, that's what that's what you average peons live on, right? You're twelve hundred dollars a month and you're you know, you eat leaves and to gravel and roll around in the mud. That's what the average people do. Right. Steve Mnuchin. Jesus.

[00:00:52] That's. Yeah. Twelve hundred dollars for Steve Mnuchin is like a rounding error. And he has the balls to come out and say that to people. But yeah, you know, it's also to to try to calm the markets, make sure the big line doesn't go too crazy with big line was already headed through the floor on on Friday. So they got, you know, a couple good days of green for the stimulus and everything else. But no, this is this is going to be not good. You have the unemployment rate has risen to 5.5 percent already. This is a level not since seen since 2015. So not only have all of Donald Trump's stock gains been wiped completely out, all of his unemployment, all of his unemployment has been wiped completely out. And so all he's been robbed of the lowest black unemployment, low bub bub about. We never have to hear that again out of this guy's mouth. I mean, maybe he'll go so far as to say we had.

[00:01:47] But no, it's just it's just totally over. And they're predicting that. And again, people are getting all caught up and models, all models are wrong. Models are only useful. Outliers do not buck trends. That's not how that works. So they're saying that between 20 and 40 million. People will lose their jobs in April. Right. And so you have 3.8 million in one week. If you have four more weeks of that, you're going to be at pretty close to 20. And it's not it's not going to be good. And that's just saying that they would remain steady. And we know that twelve hundred dollars is not going to be covering people in the way that Steve Mnuchin would like to believe. But the scale and the speed of these are totally unprecedented. During the Great Recession, for example, the worst week for jobless claims was six hundred sixty five thousand.

[00:02:43] So we had three point three eight million in one week. It's not it's not good. And as they start to lock down more states, I think you have twenty one states at this point that are in some some variable state of lockdown, though not as not as stringently as New York is, it's starting to become. But they're all headed there because because of the incubation period on this thing you don't like if you by the time that your county or your town where if you're out in the Midwest or in the West starts having cases, it's already too late. Like those places need to go on lockdown. Now, all these red states that are trying to do just the flu, bro. This is a deep state op to screw Donald Trump out of his second term. Like you need to be locking your state down now, like while your state only has like five or 10 cases, you need to be locking it down now. But they're not doing that. Not doing that. In fact, Ron DeSantis is review. Florida is just going to be just awful in a very short period of time. Has he locked it down yet? James, I don't think we've seen that happen in.

[00:03:44] No, I don't believe so. No. And that's that's the thing is lockdowns are not designed to be your quarantines are not designed to be something you do once. You already have an infectious problem, because once you have a large rate of people being infected, then the assumption is these people have already come into contact with with enough others that those others have been infected and they will start showing signs soon enough. You do the quarantine. A quarantine is is designed to protect healthy people from encountering sick people. You do that when you have a number of people that are healthy who you want to keep away from the sick people. So if you're Idaho or Wyoming or or Utah or the Dakotas, that's what you do now.

[00:04:28] But no, these states are some of these states. North Dakota, for example, is is taking an active role, which is good. But many of them are just like L-O-L. We have lots of prairies. So we'll be fine. And that is going to be wholly insufficient. In fact, we're seeing infection rates in some small towns in Wyoming as high as the rate of infection in New York in terms of cases per capita, because these people there are fewer people, but they are socializing much more frequently with each other than people in New York say. So, yeah, I mean, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

[00:05:03] And they're going to pay the price for it eventually. And the unemployment is going to continue to tick up. But, you know, just just to show like how unserious Trump is on this. I mean, we would be we would be derelict on duty if we didn't point this out for the you know, for those of you who are like you, please stop ragging on Donald Trump to shut the fuck up stopping pussy. Donald Trump could have released disaster unemployment funds. And what do we mean by disaster unemployment funds? Well, those are things made available whenever a state of emergency is declared in a particular state. That would give up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits if their job loss is attributable to a disaster, which this is, that eliminates their job or keeps them from reaching their job site, which is this is.

[00:05:47] And to receive this disaster employment assistance, a state must be declared a disaster area by the president. Well, he did that. New York, California, Washington state all requested access to aid programs that would be provided, including this disaster, unemployment assistance. And so you had FEMA saying that they they have released this aid as of March 20th for New York and March 22nd for California in Washington state, but not the unemployment benefits. And these are arguably the most crucial funds that could be freed up by such a disaster declaration, but they've been made not available. In fact, the only aid that the Trump administration has released at all to those three states is crisis counselling.

[00:06:32] So, yeah, and oh, the other point about this is that disaster unemployment assistance also allows workers who aren't eligible for traditional unemployment benefits. This is not just an extension for people who would otherwise be eligible. This is to give people who would not get anything at all. Some cushion during this time for half a year. So people like Uber drivers, gig economy workers, people who have had to work in these jobs through no fault of their own because they've been pushed out by this Jewish economy. They would not get a thing, but. They would get 26 weeks of unemployment and they would qualify actually for the additional $600 per week that they would get out of this bailout bill. Yeah, and talk about later. So average state gets between three to five hundred dollars a week on unemployment. If you're single, if you have a family, it's a little bit more. And so, you know, let's say let's call it five hundred. You get six hundred from the bailout bill. That's eleven hundred dollars a week and then a twelve hundred dollar check. But not if you're a gig economy worker or you're in a place that, you know, you're just not going to get an extension of these benefits. So yeah, Donald could but he didn't. And that's the story of this guy's entire administration.

[00:07:46] Yeah. Or if you live in Florida, for example, where the maximum unemployment, regardless of your income, is two hundred seventy five dollars a week. So, you know, as Florida maintains a very laissez faire attitude towards this. There are plenty of people there that are going to be needing unemployment and are going to be capped at two and seventy five dollars a week plus the federal aid. But yeah, this is a good point about these gig economy workers and Uber drivers and others, even people who are who drive for Uber or drive for Lyft. I was told by someone who drives root for these companies that they are wait listening drivers now. Right. And so because the demand is so low and so even if you are willing to go and drive, the demand is so low that you're not going to be making even like a third of what you used to make. If that. And I mean, absent absent this aid, there's nothing for you, because if you're a ten ninety nine employee, as people who are independent contractors or in the room businesses know you don't qualify. In most states for any unemployment benefits.

Source: FTN Podcast
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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