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Trump Says Intel Agencies, Media Are Using Fake 'Russia Connection' to Cover-up Clinton’s Crimes

Trump claims intelligence agencies are leaking stories to the "failing" New York Times and Washington Post in order to "cover-up" Clinton's campaign.

The President has lost his patience.

With the media now screaming for his resignation, Trump took to Twitter:

<figcaption>At war with the deep state?</figcaption>
At war with the deep state?

Nothing surprising here. Remember that Trump's first stop after his inauguration was to CIA headquarters in Langley, where he gave a remarkable speech in which he promised to remove the "columns" in the Agency.

And what ever happened to all the evidence of corruption (and far less savory things) that were revealed in Clinton's e-mails and the Podesta leaks? How is it that Clinton got off scot free?

Something doesn't add up.

Love him or hate him, it's clear that Trump has powerful enemies in the deep state.

But what comes next? Does Trump have the political capital to take on the elites in Washington? It seems like he's surrounded by people who want to sabotage him.

We're waiting...


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