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Trump Retweets Meme Accusing RussiaHoaxer Rod Rosenstein of Treason

The Jewish media is not amused that Trump would retweet such an inflammatory and hilarious meme.


President Donald Trump appeared to accuse his own deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, of treason on Wednesday, posting a meme to his Twitter feed that shows an image of Rosenstein and a slew of Trump critics behind bars.

The image also included special counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, former national intelligence director James Clapper and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their picture was overlaid with the words, “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?

Trump retweeted the image after separately ripping Mueller, whose investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election appears to be closing in on several Trump associates, including longtime ally Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

Trump has ramped up his attacks on Mueller in recent days, after a quiet few weeks ahead of the November midterm elections.

With regards to Corsi – he was just on Tucker last night.

He talked about what exactly they did to him.

He gave over his entire computer, emails, Twitter account, etc. to Mueller’s Sanhedrin, and they then interviewed him on the contents, playing a memory game with him. He forgot about one email they asked him about, then changed his answer the next day when he remembered, and they said he’d lied and they’re threatening to send him to prison.

Their theory is that he couldn’t possibly have known about Julian Assange having John Podesta’s emails unless he’d talked directly with Assange.

Well, let me tell you why that is retarded.

I remember this guy from the old times, way back in the early and mid-00s, appearing regularly on Alex Jones. It always appeared that he was paying for air time, as he was on very regularly – I think doing a segment every week – and aggressively selling an email newsletter.

His email newsletter was all predictions about things. I never bought it or read any of his material, but I listened to his interviews with Jones dozens and dozens of times, and his strategy was just to make all kinds of outrageous predictions, all in a row. He would literally just throw out a series of random things.

I can’t find any of the early ones I remember, but he’s one from 2012.

You can also just look the guy up – he’s a predictions hack.

Every time Alex would bring him on, he’d say “Dr. Corsi, you accurately predicted…”

Some of the predictions were right, because he was making so many of them.

The media won’t tell you that.

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