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Trump Refuses to Rein in Antifa Even When they Terrorize His Base, to Please His Zionist Paymasters

With the 50-60,000 strong Democratic Socialists of America recently electing to provide material support and manpower to the once tiny cells of anarchist terrorists, this red terror is only getting worse. 

This haunting image of an elderly man being pummeled and robbed by anarchists while leaving a Donald Trump rally in Minneapolis ought to be on the front page of every conservative outlet. It isn't. Instead, the homepages of Breitbart and Drudge are occupied with Zionist war propaganda, Hillary Clinton drama and Pocohantas jokes. 

That's because this disgusting scene is more embarrassing to conservatives and president Trump than it is to the army of psychopaths who have taken over the streets of our major cities since 2016. They fear a congruent response from the public, similar to what was seen at Berkeley and Charlottesville, that could up-end the status quo far more than masked criminals effectively making Trump's supporters afraid to go outside. 

The main strawman right-wing (and left-wing) critics of popular defense groups attack is that some anti-communist organizations have National Socialist or Fascist leanings, and thus they are "impossible" or "bad optics" to defend when the ADL and the unfree press construct comic book Manichean narratives about it.

Yet outside of the largely purged Ann Coulter, not one right-wing figure will come to the full-throated defense of non-racial groups defending their communities from communist brutality with traditional flag-waving conservative ideologies like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys. As we speak, Proud Boy Tusitala "Tiny" Toese and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson are fighting trumped up and selectively applied felony charges related to an incident at "Cider Riot," where they defended themselves in a bar state regulators now admit is owned by a Jewish anarchist soccer hooligan who used the venue to host meetings with armed leftist paramilitary groups. 

In places like Minnesota and Oregon, Trump can claim that the federal government technically does not have jurisdiction over Antifa embracing mayors like Ted Wheeler using their local police forces as support cavalry for groups like "Rose City Antifa." But if Trump appointee Thomas Cullen can use his power as a federal prosecutor to go after men like Daniel McMahon ("Jack Corbin") in retaliation for unmasking deep state's commie vigilantes, why isn't the White House ordering a crackdown on groups terrorizing its own supporters and voters? 

The problem of anarchist and communist violence is only getting worse. Thanks to the corruption of local police departments, controlled media and government, journalists who are not extreme-leftists themselves like Andy Ngo and Tim Pool are afraid to objectively cover these events.

The massive wave of political censorship on Youtube and Twitter has made it difficult for independent journalists to share data, images and videos that might challenge the lies in print, as seen in the case of Dr Eoin Lenihan. When some truth does shine through the cracks at Fox News, the conservative ideology of profits being above white people leads to a distorted lens where damage to property, police overtime costs and the broken windows of corporate restaurants are emphasized while bleeding heads and terrified elders are papered over. 

As for the left-wing paramilitary groups, they are growing in number and are emboldened not only by Trump's flagrant inaction, but by his FBI's campaign of violent suppression and solitary confinement torture against those who decided to make a stand and protect ordinary citizens engaging in their First Amendment rights. 

With the 50-60,000 strong Democratic Socialists of America recently electing to provide material support and manpower to the once tiny cells of anarchist terrorists, this red terror is only getting worse. The blackshirts and Proud Boys who once provided security to normal Americans have all been sued or imprisoned.

Never have normal, socially conservative Americans been more censored and afraid to speak their minds than today, under Trump. Trump's pathetic gaggle of gay and Jewish pundits at Prager, Blaze, TPUSA that he has betrayed his original populist movement for have no interest in anything other than their immediate financial well-being and Israel.

Going into 2020, Trump's only major achievement has been to Make Antifa Great Again. 

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