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Trump Has Power to Head-off an Obama Attack on Russia. Will He Use It?

Trump is already doing business as the president elect. Why not additionally forestall an international calamity? Here's how he can...

Whether Trump realizes it or not he has the power to interrupt a real international disaster that is unfolding: the irrational Obama attack on Russia.

Here are 7 prime factors in this impending catastrophe:

Item 1: President Barack Obama has promised retaliation against Russia over alleged interference in America's presidential election. He has not talked about a physical attack, but has hinted of a cyber and economic assault. This has been a major global news story.

Item: 2 Obama presented no concrete evidence of the claimed Russian interference. Putin denies having played such a role. There is a deficit of facts that mainstream news coverage generally skips over. See my article "Congressional Cybersecurity Leader Demolishes Obama's Hacking Case Against Russia."

Item 3: Even if Russians had tried to influence the American election to favor Russia's national interests, so what? It is neither unusual nor a crime for people in one country to favor a particular political direction of another country and to act accordingly. The US has done it many times.

Item 4: The whole "Russia corrupted our presidential election" media story is therefore nonsense, preying upon American fears and emotions in someone's apparent attempt to delegitimize Trump's election.

Item 5: If Obama attacks, what do you think the chances are that Putin will retaliate against what he perceives as unprovoked aggression? High, in my opinion.

Item 6: And then, and then... We're looking at potentially disastrous iterations.

Item 7: Is that Obama's goal, to hand Trump a hot potato that will be difficult to deal with and give Trump's presidency a difficult start? Trump should think what runaway tensions with Russia would do to his domestic agenda.

That brings us to the point of asking how indeed Trump can constructively deal with Obama's recklessness.

I think Trump has the power to immediately take charge of this impending disaster and hope that he will.

Here's a five step strategy for how he might intervene:

First: Make a deal with Putin. Tell him that he believes Obama is likely to take unjustified aggressive actions against Russia, which, he Trump would consider to be totally uncalled for and possibly in violation of international law.

Second: Explain to Putin that Obama's aggression will not likely do permanent damage to Russia and will be only transitory. As president, Trump could reverse course.

Third: Promise Putin if he simply "grins and bears" Obama's attack, that after the inauguration the US will pay reparations to Russia for damages resulting from Obama's unwise actions.

Fourth: Tell Putin if Obama is ultimately found guilty by a recognized international court after his illegal aggression against Russia, that Trump would support a call for extradition.

Fifth. Do all of this very publically.

Clearly this will give Obama something to think about before launching his attack.

Some might argue that Trump's negotiating with a foreign power would violate the 1799 Logan Act. But even if such were to be alleged, a President Trump could simply pardon himself.

The only question remaining is whether Trump will have the courage and conviction to stand up to lame duck Obama.

Is this all hyperbolic wistful thinking, too unorthodox to succeed? Or is unorthodoxy needed. What do you think?


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