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Trump Had Bezos Surveilled, Using X-Rated Pics to Force Washington Post to Back Off - Russia's Top Anchor (Kiselyov)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dmitry Kiselyov says it seems highly likely that in order to get adulterous, x-rated pictures of Bezos and his mistress, this had to be a highly professional surveillance operation. In any case, Bezos's head of security isn't buying that the pics were 'hacked' from Bezos's phone. Kiselyov says Bezos thinks Trump surveilled him, possibly using government resources, planning to use the pictures to pressure Bezos to back off with his relentless and vicious attacks against Trump in the Washington Post, which Bezos owns.

Furthermore Kiselyov implies that Trump controls the National Enquirer, which was recently on the verge of bankruptcy. Evidence of this, argues Kiselyov, is that the Enquirer gave very favorable coverage to Trump's pal the Saudi Prince bin Salman during his visit to the US last year, even going so far as to send all coverage to the prince for advance approval. 

It does sound entirely plausible, if anyone had a motive, Trump did. It's a good theory, especially since Jeff Bezos himself recently wrote an article explaining that he suspected that either Trump or the Saudis are behind it. 

Kiselyov is very good here, worth a listen. Transcript below.

Transcript note:  The Russian translators at Vesti again made a complete hash of Kiselyov's monologue, mistranslating a few key phrases, which completely change the meaning of what he said, so the captions in the video are a little misleading. To understand what he really said, read the corrected transcript below, we fixed the most egregious stuff - we used strikeout for the benefit of the Vesti guys so they can see how bad their translation is. Vesti employs Russian translators who work out of dictionaries, and very frequently, they get it wrong, a serious embarrassment for a world-class TV channel, which Vesti definitely is. Kiselyov should get his act together on this - how hard can it be to fix this problem? He's the Walter Cronkite of Russia and he can't get a decent translator? It looks bad.


Dmitry Kiselyov:

Let's turn to North America. The most outrageous scandal of the week burst out in the USA. Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth and the founder of Amazon, ended up in a spicy situation. The Washington Post that fiercely hates Trump is in his empire. But the hatred goes both ways.

In this battle, the National Enquirer tabloid takes Trump's side. The disposition These facts are important to understand why the National Enquirer is blackmailing multibillionaire Bezos by threatening to publish his intimate photos with his mistress. Bezos interprets the threats as political revenge. Like, Trump thus wishes to pacify the Washington Post.  from Trump who is using this to put pressure on Bezos to tone down the attacks from the Washington Post.

Trump clearly doesn't like the Washington Post. It was the Washington Post who highlighted the unpleasant for Trump story of the ruthless murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Blood, tortures, dismemberment, even skinning the face of the presumably alive victim. Trump was put in a delicate situation by the story. He never introduced any sanctions against Saudi Arabia because the USA has a huge contract for the purchase of American weapons. Trump is very careful when building relationships with the Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman. When bin Salman arrived in the USA last year, every word published about the visit was agreed with Saudis by Trump's National Inquirer which has never happened before. Just in case. Who knew what word could offend them.

Is this not censorship imposed by Trump? The Washington Post included in, which is part of Bezos' media empire wrote about it. In response, Trump is throwing, firing numerous Tweets at Bezos accusing him of being unpatriotic and damaging the United States via improper business practices. on the part of Amazon because it doesn't have a department and employees operations in many states, which means Amazon evades paying taxes in those states by using a convenient framework of book delivery via the State Post Service. As if Some say it's unfair.

Such claims don't have any legal force. Anyway, Trump's and his media war on the richest man on earth Jeff Bezos is in full swing. The background adds a certain spice to the situation... Jeff Bezos is currently divorcing with his still-wife MacKenzie Bezos. The couple has four children. The husband and wife decided to divorce remaining friends and parents. MacKenzie filed for divorce after Trump's National Inquirer published an intimate file dossier on Bezos by revealing his trip with anchor Lauren Sanchez... Private jets, hotels, and luxurious resorts in paradise spots. Now, the names of both Bezos and Sanchez are threatened by even more explicit photos as they say, "below the belt".

Besides, Bezos is going to half halve his fortune as the a result of the divorce. Bezos is said to keep about $70 billion after the legal action. MacKenzie will receive a similar amount which will make her the world's richest woman. Defending himself, Bezos hired detectives who claim the U.S. secret services might keep that it could have been US secret services who were keeping Bezos under surveillance and that Trump used them to his personal advantage. In any case, Bezos' security adviser doesn't believe in what the National Enquirer claims - that personal photos leaked via Bezos' phone. His phone is encrypted just for such cases. That's why the cyber attack, if any, was the work of secret services. Having got into trouble, Bezos asked:

“If in my position I can’t stand up to this kind of extortion, how many people can?”

Anyway, the scandal is huge. It's so huge, it overshadowed the annual State of the Union Address in the press.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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