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Transparent Lies and Bold Xenophobia: Watching America Unravel on Late Night Television

The unsophisticated lies that now pass as "expert" commentary on American television are symptomatic of a nation in free-fall

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The value of someone such as Milo Yiannopoulos is not so much in what he/she/preferred-gender-pronoun says or does, but instead how "respectable" experts and commentators — in sharp contrast to Milo-scum — squirm in their seats as they attempt to demonstrate how a "responsible" person should behave.

This phenomenon was witnessed by millions of Americans last night on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher".

<figcaption>The Reds! And Wikileaks.</figcaption>
The Reds! And Wikileaks.

American media is ablaze with all kinds of sharp witticisms about the exchanges that took place between Milo and Maher's panel of experts.

None of these viral internet sensations or YouTube star reactions managed to identify the real horror of Milo's guest appearance: It beautifully illustrated just now sloppy and xenophobic "responsible" American political thought has become.

One of Maher's guests, U.S. intelligence officer Malcolm Nance, went on a tirade about "The Russians". And thank goodness. The other panelists just wanted to talk about gay people problems. Let's not lose focus! Here's what came out of Mr. Nance's mouth-hole, much to the displeasure of the entire world:

For everyone who really thinks that WikiLeaks is this free spirited transparency organization, you can just put that to bed. They are a laundromat for Russian intelligence. They were the conduit for all of the stolen emails. And they were pretty open about it.

Wow. Remember when liberals and progressives and generally anyone who wasn't a total asshole praised Wikileaks as the only organization on earth that was brave enough to expose Bush's war crimes? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

At this moment in the program, Nance experiences a tiny erection, and continues:

I’ve done operations of a similar size. It would take 300 people working 24-hour shifts...And then they were doing these precision data dumps. Trump would talk about Pennsylvania, within 96 hours every email about Pennsylvania that had ever been sent to the DNC was released.

Your brain cells are being massacred by Al Nusra Front right now, because what you just read is 100% organic, freshly-squeezed Langley guano.

The DNC emails were released in two — count them! — massive dumps, one on July 22, the other on November 6. The Podesta emails were teased out week-by-week in the run-up to the election. But they were literally just random batches of emails. Most of them were boring as hell to read.

Dear Mr. Nance, how did you become such a big fancy intelligence expert? Are you offering internships? Because we can also pull random but very scary sounding factoids out of our cornhole.

The best quip from Nance comes at the very end of his verbal crime against human decency.

Let's set the scene: Maher asks, sarcastically, if Wikileaks is a solo operation run by your unemployed nephew hiding in his parents' basement:

MAHER: So [the DNC hacks/etc] wasn’t one 400-pound guy in his bedroom?

And the glorious, boldly xenophobic response from Nance:

No, it was 300 drunk-ass Russian guys.

Ladies and gentlemen: "America".

The moral of this story is that while everyone is freaking out about Milo Yiannopoulos, certified liars and medieval xenophobes like Malcolm Nance prance around unmolested — and even admired — by our diligent press.

What a terrible time to be alive.

Watch for yourself. Starts around 11:00:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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