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Touching Human Moment with President Putin - He Loves His People and It Shows

Despite leading a world superpower, Putin takes time to encourage the youth. Who could possibly hate a man so good with children?

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It's sad, but in the West, normal interaction between adults and children is often awkward. Due to the total breakdown of community, Americans and Europeans are much more guarded than they used to be when interacting with children who aren't theirs. 

Everyone, except Creepy Joe Biden, that is.

Fortunately for Russia, the president can still kiss a little girl's hand and ask her about her family... and it's normal.


Yesterday, Vladimir Putin attended the opening of the International Opera and Ballet Festival in Chersonese. Among the ancient ruins, a unique stage was installed, on which a suite from legendary Spartacus ballet was performed by world ballet stars, including Sergei Polunin, who had a meeting with the president as the head of the choreographic academy later that evening. It'll be a part of the cultural and educational complex being created in Sevastopol and will enroll students in September. 

Vladimir Putin also talked to the students. The children took pictures with the president and asked for his autograph. 

Vladimir Putin: “Why do you want three?”

A girl: “I have two brothers.”

-Two brothers. Good girl. You think about your brothers. You didn't forget about them.  Are they older than you?

- Yes. 

-They'll defend you. They'll be your biggest fans and attend your performances. 

At parting, Vladimir Putin kissed a young ballerina's hand. She was a little confused at first but still, she managed to invite the president to her first performance.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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