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Top Trump Advisor Predicts Trump Will Be Looking to Roll Back 'Disproportionate' Russia Sanctions (Video)

A longtime loyalist Kellyanne Conway is no pushover like Priebus

Kellyanne Conway was Trump's campaign manager and slated to become a senior White House adviser to President Trump after he is inaugurated in ten day's time.

Moreover she is also one of Trump's most combative and public defenders -- characteristics which Trump who is a brawler himself values.

Unlike Republican machine creatures like Priebus she is backing Trump's Russia course to the hilt, ridiciuling Democrats' sudden urge for a bipartisan probe into Russia hacking allegation: 


"Here the punishment seemed to precede the full report." 

"There does seem to be a disproportionate response."

"I predict that President Trump will want to make sure our actions are proportionate to what’s occurred, based on what we know."

See the full interview (Russia sanctions part starts at 10:30):

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