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Top Russian Talk Show Rips Princeton U. Over Callous Fantasizing About Nuking Russia (Video)

An atmosphere of contempt that leads Western political leaders to make aggressive moves against Russia, China, and Iran, arrogantly expecting no pushback. 

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"Mr. President, I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed, but I do say no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops! Uh, depending on the breaks."

Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, or Princeton University?


- We're continuing our talk about the most important matters.

A lyrical digression - American scientists at Princeton University have estimated how many would die in a full-scale nuclear conflict between Russia and the US. The number is not comforting - almost 60 million people killed. If counting the wounded - 96 million people. Why would they conduct such research? We don't understand, but this footage is impressive, and the results are nightmarish.

“Nuclear warning shots. Russia launches a nuclear warning shot from a base near Kaliningrad. NATO retaliates with a single tactical nuclear air strike. The tactical plan. Russia sends 300 nuclear warheads via aircraft and short- and intermediate-range missiles to hit NATO bases. NATO responds with 180 nuclear warheads. The number of immediate casualties: 2.6 million over three hours. The counterforce plan.

With Europe destroyed, NATO launches a strategic strike of 600 warheads from US land and submarine-based missiles aimed at Russian nuclear forces. Russia launches a retaliatory strike. The number of immediate casualties: 3.4 million over 45 minutes.

Two admittedly regrettable, but nevertheless distinguishable, post-war environments...

The countervalue plan. Russia and NATO each target the other's 30 most populated cities, using 5-10 warheads on each city. The number of immediate casualties: 85.3 million over 45 minutes. The number of immediate casualties - 91.5 million, including 34.1 million fatalities and 57.4 million injuries.

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- What a nightmare, Princeton University... We wish you all happiness and a long life. Anyway, let's reach an agreement...

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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