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Top Russian Politician Nikolay Starikov Calls for Congress of Opposition Parties of Europe

"Unavoidable changes in Europe are approaching"

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Nowadays we all have become witnesses of political processes which are not designed to promise humanity any assurance. As instability is increasing, local military conflicts are flaring up here and there, the world economy is experiencing a significant downshift.

All of these issues will have to be solved by politicians. Why? Because all of them were created by politicians. But the other ones. Apparently the contemporary politics of the European elite no longer meets the expectations of the majority of Europeans. The growth of unemployment, the influx of millions of unidentifiable migrants, economic struggles - these are the results of the actions of European politicians in power today.

<figcaption>Nikolay Starikov</figcaption>
Nikolay Starikov

Considering these realities, we must find a solution that will allow us to decrease tension on the European continent and streamline free-trade processes in the best interests of all European countries. It is impossible to solve these issues without the participation of Russia.

Unavoidable changes in Europe are approaching. New characters will appear in the place of bankrupt politicians. Unpopular parties will be replaced by new ones. In the present situation, it is imperative to open a dialogue and meet with those who will take a lead in Europe in the near future.

This is a reason we have decided to create a new communication platform - CONGRESS OF OPPOSITION PARTIES OF EUROPE (COPE). We plan to invite those parties and politicians that are not yet a significant part of their state parliament but are growing and becoming influential, and are moving forward.

COPE is viewed by us as a place where the representatives of growing political forces can get to meet each other, identify the most topical issues, and find the best solutions. Most Importantly, they will be able to become acquainted with the Russian point of view firsthand.

The first COPE is to take place on May 17-18, 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

The proposed agenda will address issues of migration policy in the light of cultural clashes, alternative ways for economic collaboration during sanctions, and afterwards, the sovereignty of Euorpean countries under existing and forming global and European partnerships, and human rights in light of the radicalization of liberal policy in Europe.

The ultimate expected outcome of the first Congress is the formation of the international networking platform, the Leadership Independent Forum of Europe (LIFE), that shall become the working group to address ongoing issues.

The COPE Congressional Organizational Committee (COC) will be joined by public figures from different countries, including Nikolay Starikov, the Great Fatherland Party Leader, and famous Slovakian writer and politician Sergey Chelemendik.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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