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Liberal, Post-Modern Europe Is Rotting to Pieces. Strong Christian Russia Doesn't Need Her

"... powerful conservative Russia, where Orthodoxy is strengthening, and rotting liberal post-modern Europe, where Christianity is turning to dust"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yes, this is a little dated, but it took us a while to get the transcript off Dugin's teleprompter, and we thought that would be helpful to all you Dugin fans out there, because, while we admire his effort to communicate with the world in English, his delivery does take a little getting used to!  

He's talking about the pope / patriarch meeting a couple of weeks ago, and yes, we know, we've beaten this subject to death already on this site, but Dugin is worth the effort.  He has interesting things to say.  

<figcaption>"Compromise with the Devil of the modern world only makes things  worse."</figcaption>
"Compromise with the Devil of the modern world only makes things worse."

The transcript follows below the video.  We deliberately left the language uncorrected.  It seems more authentic that way.

Also of interest is that this is shot in the studios of Tsargrad TV, the new conservative Christian Russian TV station financed by Konstantin Malofeev, sometimes referred to as the Anti-Soros, or God's oligarch.  

Note the Kremlin towers visible through the window.

You can catch up with all of Dugin's TV monologues here, on the Katehon website


Here is the full transcript:

Greetings, you're watching “Dugin’s guideline”.

Today, we witness the historical event of the great importance: the meeting of two heads of the greatest Christian Churches: Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus' and Pope Francis.

This event caused appearance of many interpretations, sometimes radical and fraught with serious consequences.

The relations between the Orthodox and the West Churches were difficult since the Roman Empire Christianization in the IV century and, while the West Empire separating the East one, they were becoming more and more strained.

Even before the Great Schism in 1054, the distrust and the disconnection between the East and West Christians gradually increased. The two Christian denominations created two Christian civilizations: Western-European Catholics (latter the Protestant, even more Occidental in some cases, divided from it) and Eastern-European Orthodox.

The Christianization of Kievan Rus' led Russians’ ancestors to the Orthodoxy and the Eastern Christianity. And after the Fall of Constantinople, the Principality of Moscow took a mission to be a stronghold of the Eastern Christianity. This is the Third Rome.

The Greeks found themselves under the Ottoman Empire, thus, only Russia remained the carrier of true Orthodoxy not only as the religion, but also as the Empire.

After the Great Schism, there were several attempts to unite the Churches. It means signing the Union. And every time under Michael VIII Palaiologos and the last emperors of Byzantium, such unification was asymmetric, under the Catholic West conditions, accepting Pope’s supremacy, with the pretext to protect Byzantium from Infidels.

At the same time, the West didn’t help, and all Unions failed. That’s why, there are natural suspicions toward contacts with the Catholics. The Orthodoxy is the separate Church and the separate civilization, it used to be even before we, Russians, became the Third Rome. So we shouldn’t change it.

Thus, the Orthodox world is aware: will the meeting of the head of the most important and powerful Orthodox Church and the Pope who is rather liberal, be a betrayal of the Orthodoxy? It is understandable: the history of previous Unions is the history of religious defeats and political fails, that’s why now it is seen as the most possible result.

However, the conditions of this meeting are entirely different. Rome is no longer the same. It is not the dominating power of the Western Europe, actively influencing its politics and geopolitics.

The Western Christianity today is in difficult situation: the secular atheistic power, historically appeared after the Masonic and liberal-democratic reforms, supplanted the Catholicism to the periphery long time ago. It is no longer the center of power, but only an exhibit in the museum.

Of course, the Pope has a certain respect among the Catholics, but doesn’t have a serious influence on politics, and if he does, then he only makes some addition to the Washington’s large-scale projects.

Particularly, the Polish Catholicism was used to destroy the communism in Eastern Europe. But the Polish Pope was only a passive instrument in Washington’s hands. Later, after the Soviet Union dissolution, the Atlanticist strategists didn’t need Catholic Rome anymore.

The West is no more Christian, and the Vatican isn’t Western general staff.

On the contrary, Russia today faces the quick growth of the Church influence. It is the most respected institution, gradually increasing its influence on society and authorities. The Russian Orthodoxy is on the rise, the Catholicism, by contrast, is dying.

Under these circumstances, the Union is out of question. The Catholics are just incapable to sign it, and they don’t even want to do it. Now we are in the opposite situation: the powerful conservative Russia, where the Orthodoxy is strengthening, and the rotting liberal post-modern Europe, where the Christianity is turning into dust.

Empty churches, compromise with secular culture, reliance on the political correctness rules, imposed by the atheists and the liberals. The Catholicism is disappearing denomination, almost decorative, in the Western World.

The Catholicism in Latin America has different position; there, it is an important institution of the Latin identity, sound and actively opposed to the atheistic and materialistic American hegemony, which is based mainly on the Protestant sects.

So the choice of the place to conduct the meeting is evident: the island of freedom from capitalist hegemony, the territory of the sovereignty and the active anti-Americanism.

The Catholics, today, can offer practically nothing to the Orthodoxy. The situation is rather different. That they need us, as an example of the Church growing influence in Russia, as an example of the conservative Christian revolution.

Moreover, today the Christians, no matter Catholic or Orthodox, face the genocide in many parts of the world. Thousands of people are killed for Christ in the Middle East by radical Islamic fundamentalism, supported by the United States and the New World Order creators.

Therefore, it is not about the unification, not about union, not about renouncing our Orthodox identity, but about working out a common strategy to fight against the common enemy.

Previously, the Popes demanded from us to join them, now there is nothing to join. They want just to protect themselves from the liberal degeneration and the aggressive fundamentalism.

Vatican begins to realize that compromise with the Devil of the modern world makes the situation worse. Therefore, the Russian Patriarch have an active position.

Goodbye, you’ve watched the “Dugin’s guideline”.

Being Russian means to be Orthodox. So it was, so it will be. No one would deny it.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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