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Top Israeli Intel Chief - 'Be Much Tougher With the West' (Russian Talk Show)

A fascinating look at how Russia interprets the relentless hostility coming from the West

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Must see! Israeli former big security services boss shares some remarkable observations about the West and Russia. “You’re not tough enough, you’re getting pushed around”

- Yakuv Kedmi says on a nightly talk show, Evening with Vladimir Soloviev. Does he want to start a war between Russia and the West or is he offering some sound advice about dealing with bullies?

China and Russia realigning and becoming strategic allies changes everything. The equation is rewritten and now the US is on the back foot, lashing out at Russia, concludes Kedmi.

This clip from Russian television (with transcript below) shows an inside look at the Russian point of view on why Russia hysteria is so hyped up.

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Host: (Solovyov)

The feeling of lost opportunities affects all the world's processes. The US interests and the fear of honest competition, according to the head of the Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov, will for a long time prevent Washington from building normal relations with Russia. Great Britain follows the same path and goes deeper and deeper into the bog called "fear of Russia." The British General Staff asks for increased financing. It's not difficult to guess that the aim is fighting the Russian threat.

It's very interesting that Russia is blamed for everything. A classical movie immediately comes to my mind. "Was it also I who destroyed the 15th century chapel?" "No, it wasn't you."

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But we don't hear even this. Everything is blamed on us. We're accused of blackmailing the PACE saying that we don't want to pay for being scold for absence. We're accused of interfering in all elections. We're accused, of course, of being ready to fill our sportsmen with doping for the World Cup. We haven't got a chance to think of something but have already been accused of it. Shall we grab ankles?

Yakov Kedmi, public figure, Israel:

- It's been the same in the last 20 years or even more. You've always been treated aggressively. but they talked nicely. And now, they even talk aggressively. Because you deserve it. You've always tried to have discussions with them. Your foreign minister is an extremely polite person, and your president as well. They tried to explain to the Americans that diplomats don't behave like this.

It's unacceptable to behave in such an aggressive way in the diplomatic world. I grew up on these streets, and I've been taught since childhood that you don't talk nicely to aggressive people. You talk to hooligans the way they understand it. Did you react to the US aggressive behavior towards your diplomats and property? You didn't. You just explained that behaving this way isn't polite or nice. You gave a hint that maybe in the future you'll answer them they way they deserve. But you haven't done it yet.

- We expelled several hundred diplomats.

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You didn't expel them, you didn't equate the number of diplomats accredited in Russia with the number of the Russian diplomats accredited in the US. You summed them up with your UN diplomats. What do they have to do with this?

- We left a reserve.

- Because of your actions, they started not only behaving aggressively but also talking the same way. Secondly, there was a change in the world. It might sound tough, but in your country, rude fellows took power in the 1990s. They didn't care about Russia. But better-behaved people took power in other countries. But degradation took place in the 21st century.

For example, in Great Britain in the 1990s, it was for the first time that instead of the prime ministers who graduated from Oxford, a man who didn't have a diploma in England became the prime minister. Tony Blair, much admired here, too. And now, in Great Britain, in the United Kingdom, the Foreign Minister can be compared only to Saakashvili.

- At this point, we'll interrupt you for a second. We must take some time to understand how Boris turned into Mishiko and we'll go back to Yaakov right after the break.

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Evening with Vladimir Solovyov

Evening with Vladimir Solovyov

- You're welcome.

Yakov Kedmi:

- I made a mistake, I meant Major, not Tony Blair…

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- And on the other hand?

- On the other hand, it's all the same. Secondly, In Russia, I heard a lot of false statements. Like, no one is going to compete with you. Overall, the American economy never planned to compete with anyone. It was built on the structures that either did racket or consisted of the mafia members.

They never compete. That's why they want to make Russia and other countries play by their own rules. Any sort of competition is out of the question. And the current US president said clearly and univocally that there's no competition. Free competition isn't about the American economy and isn't for it.

- But we have a secret weapon.

- What?

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- We have a secret weapon. We have an ice-hole. Even the US ambassador, who is a Mormon, took a dip into it. When he got out, he hugged his guard. Both looked inspired.

- He got out Orthodox.

- Right, he got out Orthodox. I won't be surprised if Huntsman suddenly changes his mind, asks for forgiveness and says he understood everything.

- The one who was the first to be baptized and the one who baptized. I live nearby. The results were different.

- These were different people.

- These were different people.

- We also need to say that there was no ice. Israel's tragedy is that the Jordan never freezes.

- I don't know whether it's a tragedy or a comedy. Look at the Jordan River. And compare it to others. I want to say something about China, Russia, and the US. Russia gives China the thing that the US tried to deprive China of. It started from their risky undertaking against Iran and Syria around 15 years ago. Russia provides China with secure energy resources deliveries.

This is what the Chinese economy is based on, and the US was unable to undermine it. Their undertakings in the Middle East are coming to an end and the US quits because they understand that Russia guarantees China energy resources deliveries. Secondly, the US lost the arms race. Russian and Chinese military budgets put together are nominally half the US one.

But if we, in fact, compare the cost of developments, the cost of deliveries, the real cost of new weapons creation and the American budget, we'll see that the Russian and the Chinese ones are more effective.

Apart from this, you talk a lot about corruption, as they do everywhere. But there's no military budget that is more corrupt than the American. Because it includes the profit of all suppliers. None of the countries puts this in its military budget. in advance.

Right, military supplies must bring money. But those excessive profits that the American military industry legally receives are called corruption in other countries.

- I understood how to fight corruption in Russia, we need to rename it. Into lobbyism!

- I have another opinion about corruption in Russia. It's even tougher than I usually say. We all have such an opinion. But the US is losing the arms race against China and Russia. And Russia gives China something that it lacks. Strategic security.

That's what irritates the Americans. They're trying to fight it. But they don't understand the same thing the UK didn't understand after World War II. The British Empire collapsed in 1945 or earlier. The Suez operation was its last splash. After that, the British Empire disappeared. We'll see what the US last operation will be.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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