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Tillerson Confirmed for Secretary of State in Narrowest Vote Ever

The likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham were whipped in line, but nearly all Democrats rejected Trump's pick

Rex Tillerson is now also officialy Trump's Secretary of State as he has passed all the hurdles and has been sworn in. 

The former oilman who has much done much business in Russia got the yay from the Senate after the narrowest confirmation vote for the US Secretary of State in history . 

56 Senators voted to confirm him, 43 voted against. All the Republicans voted to confirm him so in retrospect his confirmation looks like it was always going to happen as Republicans hold a 52 seat majority in the Senate.

Howeve, few outside DC halls knew beforehand how the 'Never Trump' Republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham were going to vote. In the end they, like Maro Rubio before them, thought better of siding with the Democrats against their party and fell in line.

Democrats however, almost unanimously rejected Tillerson. This is not standard for US politics at all. 

For example Trump's other picks, for Defense, UN, Transportation and Homeland Security were confirmed with 98, 96, 93 and 88 votes in favor respectively.

Democrats don't know what Trump's foreign policy will be any more than we do, but if the vote is any indication Tillerson makes them nervous and they're getting ready to oppose him every step of the way.

It doesn't hurt either that pushing back against a former corporate CEO also makes for good optics with Democratic voters.

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