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Three Times Fewer Russians Kill Themselves Than in 2000

And five times fewer than in the 1990s

  • This means Russia now has a comparable suicide rate to Germany, France and the UK

The number of suicides in Russia began decreasing in 2001, and last year there was a record low for this century. In 2000, about 56.9 thousand people committed suicide; in 2001, 57.3 thousand. In 2017, that number was 20.1 thousand.

However, absolute numbers don't include things like population changes. Therefore, the rate per 100 thousand is more indicative. In 1992, that was a horrific 67.3. Through the rest of the 90s it was as 40-something. Then in 2000 it started going down and now the reported suicide rate per 100,000 is 13.7.

This rate is comparable to the suicide rate in France, Germany and Great Britain, which also have declining suicide rates, albeit from a lower starting point.


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