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Thomson Reuters Recognizes Russia as One of Europe’s Top Innovators

Russian companies and scientific think tanks have earned top rankings in the Europe subdivision

This article originally appeared at Marchmont

Thomson Reuters has recently published its new report on the key trends in global tech innovation development for the past decade, called The Future Is Open: 2015 State of Innovation

To define the trends, the international company computed the number of patents registered and scientific articles published for twelve of the world’s most significant economic sectors. According to the analysts, Russian companies and scientific think-tanks were active in the past decade in innovation and have earned top rankings in the Europe subdivision. 

For example, Tatneft, a sizable oil producer in the region of Tatarstan, in the mid-Volga area, ranks number one among its European competitors in the Oil & Gas section ahead of Shell Oil. 

In Aerospace & Defense, two Russian companies are among Europe’s top five innovators. One is Energiya Rocket (second place with 103 inventions); the other is Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (fourth place with 52 inventions). 

In Food, Beverages & Tobacco, the Kuban State University of Technology in Russia’s South ranks second. 

The Semiconductors section features no company from Russia; however, the Russian Academy of Sciences has earned an honorable second place among think-tanks with 3,574 scientific articles indexed at Web of Science between 2004 and 2014. Our academicians are only second to their Chinese colleagues in this respect. 

Overall, the authors of this comprehensive study emphasized the rapid advancement of what’s widely known now as “open innovation,” which is close collaboration in the development of new technologies between research organizations (as developers) and corporate market players (as customers).

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