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Theresa May's 'Tired Old White Flesh' Ridiculed by Russia's #1 Anchor (Kiselyov)

Kiselyov rips into May. By the time he's done, there's little left of her.

Full transcript of the blistering diatribe follows below.

Russia's #1 anchor, Dmitry Kiselyov, really goes to town on poor, beleaguered Theresa May, who does seem to be very much on the ropes lately.

She made some obnoxious comments about Russia and Putin a few days ago, and the head Russian TV came out both barrels blazing in response.

Kiselyov's words are sanctioned by the Kremlin, and what he says reflects what the top brass are thinking.

Kiselyov first made fun of her flabby white 'bingo wings' amply displayed in a dress she wore giving the speech. Then he suggested she drinks too much. Then he calls her 'weak and ineffective'.

Then he says she is an all-around failure as a national leader, and that hitting out at Russia is the frantic behavior of a failing clown.

He says she's done nothing about Brexit, despite having over a year and a half to do so, screwed up relations with Ireland, and is responsible for economic growth as flaccid as her 'bingo wings'.

Turns out the British like coups d’etats, as long as they happen in other countries.

He reminds the world of British barbarism in Iraq and Libya, causing the unnecessary death of millions.

He goes on to blast her for being irresponsible, and declares that the Russians are looking forward to her foreign secretary's impending visit to Moscow, where Mr. Lavrov will teach him a lesson in basic manners.

Well worth a listen - he definitely takes Ms. May down a notch, or two, or three.

Then Mrs. Premier urgently needed a drink. Red wine would do. As we can see, the gulp was so urgent that there was no time for manners.

Read all of this and more in the transcript or better yet, watch the video.



Berserkers, the fierce warriors of old Norse epics, before a battle they got high on mushrooms and stripped to the waist. FEMEN activists also do their political actions naked.

And this is the head of the current British government, Theresa May, who chose to pronounce her most aggressive speech against Russia, while generously adorned in her tired old white flesh.

Then Mrs. Premier urgently needed a drink. Red wine would do. As we can see, the gulp was so urgent that there was no time for manners. The glass was taken not by the stem, as the rules of polite society would dictate, but in a simple way, like a glass. It turned out to be pretty funny.

The weak and ineffective British PM, 5 minutes before her firing, because of an abundance of unresolved problems on her island and with the EU, suddenly bares it all and nervously starts an attack on Russia, as if Russia is the UK's main problem. We expected something different from Theresa May.

At the annual Lord Mayor of London’s banquet the head of the British government traditionally speaks about the challenges and threats facing the country. Russia is certainly not the main challenge for London. The main challenge, of course, is the EU.

More than 500 days have already passed since the referendum on Brexit, the exit from EU, and negotiations on the conditions of the withdrawal have not advanced even a millimeter. Now things are going to get worse. Now, fewer than 500 days are left until a set date for an official divorce from Brussels on March 29, 2019 at 23:00 GMT. But so far there isn't even a roadmap for working out the conditions.

Theresa May's government turned out to be so helpless and passive that it received a shameful ultimatum from the opposition leader, Corbyn: "Lead or leave."

To give you an idea of the scale of problems with the EU, let's name just a few of them.

For example, Northern Ireland, which is still part of the UK, is opposed to a customs-police border with the EU member Ireland, as a result of Brexit, because this will cut the Irish nation in half.

And, of course, the sacred, the size of UK's "fine" for leaving the EU. Different figures are named, some up to 100 billion euros. But not only is the figure itself not agreed on, but it's even unclear when, and at what stage this issue must be discussed.

If further talks on Brexit will go on at such speed, then inevitably the process of getting out of the EU will become difficult and chaotic for London, and therefore extremely painful.

Already in the UK, economic growth rates have collapsed in comparison with European ones. And it will get even worse.

These are the measurable results of PM Theresa May. Here they are: the challenges and the threats.

Another trifle, the main UK and the EU negotiators have long personally hated each other. They are an Englishman, David Davis, and a Frenchman, Michel Barnier. There's a chemical dislike between them. They have known each other for more than 20 years. Both were previously ministers of European affairs in their countries. But if in the past, Davis on UK's behalf twisted the EU like a rag, getting privileges for London, now the Frenchman, Barnier is counting on his sweet revenge. Barnier is an old Gaullist school politician, according to which, the great France should not bow to anyone. And when on Monday, Theresa May stated 5 times that she's building a "global Britain," then I can imagine how these words sat with Barnier.

The banquet speech turned out to be a superficial and very weak for a lack of quality arguments.

For example, when the British PM urged Russia to "play by the rules", for the sake of "international order," one wanted to shrug, remembering the British treachery in Libya, and before that, the barbarism in Iraq. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people were senselessly killed. Millions were turned into refugees.

And here's some more from Teresa May, who is now ridiculous, taking shots at Russia.

Theresa May, United Kingdom's Prime Minister:

"Russia has fomented conflict in the Donbass, repeatedly violated the national airspace of several European countries, and launched a persistent cyber-espionage and sabotage campaign. 

It included interference in the vote counting process, breaking into the Danish Ministry of Defense and Bundestag information resources, and much more.

We know what you are doing, and you will not succeed, because you underestimate the strength of our democracies and the commitment of the Western countries to the alliances that bind us".

Particularly convincing about the strength of alliances, considering Catalonia and Brexit itself.

As for the British democracy, this is a very firm and specific construction, within which there's a mass of insurmountable partitions. They have barriers like honeycombs. And everyone has their place in the hierarchy. Definitely not a universal model.

If it's a democracy, then a very sovereign one. The British way. We think we're correct.

But we’re not going to go into this in detail. The fact that the British PM, Theresa May, in an absolutely irresponsible fashion, accused Russia of just about everything means we’re not a country anymore, but the devil incarnate.

It's not clear how the UK manages to survive in the same hemisphere as Russia!

Cyber espionage, Russian hackers, fake news, turning information into weapons, violating the airspace of a number of countries, pervasive interference in elections, and especially in Brexit.

All of these accusations are unfounded, but delivered with that characteristic British conviction of their own infallibility. Again, the assertion of Russian interference in Brexit was ridiculous. Theresa May took this from the English press, which, in turn, references mysterious "British scientists," and, of course, to certain unpublished US studies.

The Russian embassy in London turned to the Edinburgh and Swansea universities mentioned here in the UK, and Berkeley in the US, with a request to provide the research materials. It will be interesting to find out if Theresa May also asked them…

May attributed Crimea and Donbass to Russia, but not a word about the bloody coup d'état in Ukraine. Turns out the British like coups d’etats, as long as they happen in other countries.

In general, May frightens us when she gets worked up. And then she decides to send her very intimidating foreign minister, Boris Johnson, to Moscow in the near future, in an obvious and brilliant 4d chess move.

Why is he coming here, after that speech by Theresa May, no less?

Lavrov, I think, will teach him a couple of lessons in good diplomatic manners.

We are of course eager to welcome him.

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