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Theresa Gets the Memo: Tells Republicans UK and US Are Invading Places No More

Stop coups as well, and military buildups and you're golden

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Visiting Trumpistan British PM did her best to sound like...Trump. Understanding that Trump is first and foremost the repudiation of George W. Bush she presented herself as the repudiation of his partner in crime, Tony Blair.

Britain and America will never again invade foreign countries “in an attempt to make the world in their own image”, Theresa May has said in the biggest shift in UK foreign policy for more than 20 years.

Addressing US Republican politicians in Philadelphia, the Prime Minister pledged not to repeat the “failed policies of the past” in a clear reference to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Her comments are a repudiation of the doctrine of “liberal intervention” set out by Mr Blair in a speech in Chicago in 1999.

No more invasions? That's great Theresa. Throw in no more coups and no more military buildups in foreign lands and you're golden.

Blair was often derided as a "lapdog" to Walker Bush but in reality the baby faced British PM had gotten into bombing places game with Bill Clinton and served as a mentor and interventionism guru to Bush. It is a good thing that Trump effect is resulting in further repudiation of that vile man and his criminal ideas.

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