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No Evidence of Russia Bombing Hospitals in Syria. The US Government Just Made It Up


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Yes, it's true that the U.S. bombed a hospital in Afghanistan on purpose ("it was a safe haven for terrorists"). And it's also true that Saudi Arabia (using weapons purchased from the U.S.) leveled a hospital in Yemen.

But none of this matters, because the bloodthirsty Russians have bombed thousands upon thousands of Syrian hospitals in less than 30 days! This is how the U.S. government justifies its own war crimes. Oh, and it's also not true, according to international organizations which operate hospitals in Syria

<figcaption>The US State Department strikes again!</figcaption>
The US State Department strikes again!

Both the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres have rejected claims that Russia is responsible for bombing their medical facilities in Syria. So why does the U.S. State Department stubbornly insist otherwise? (You know why.) Here is an entertaining anecdote: 

On Thursday, spokesman for the US State Department John Kirby was asked to provide sources to substantiate its grave allegations that Russia was responsible for damaging hospitals. 

Kirby said that "we have seen some press reporting to that end," and referred to "Syrian civil society groups" and "other operational information" which led the US administration to make the allegations, but was unable to provide any evidence.

Kirby was asked for substantiation after Red Cross Director Dominic Stillhart said that its personnel on the ground had not reported any airstrikes by Russian planes on civilian targets, including hospitals.

So that settles it. Putin must be Fed-Exed to the Hague immediately. 

We're just going to leave this here: 




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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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