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Trump Effect: Russia-Bound Foreign Investments Skyrocketed After November 9, Best Year Since 2010

End of year economic data for Russia shows something remarkable. In 2016 foreigners bought up more than $700 million Russian stock than they sold:

Since the beginning of the year the total inflow of foreign investment in Russian stock has exceeded $727 million. This is the first positive annual result since 2012 (in that year foreign investors invested $410 million) and the maximum result since 2010 ($3.3 billion).

This is the first time in four years that foreigners have bought more stock than they sold, and the greatest net investment into Russian markets since 2010.

Moreover, the truly astonishing thing is that most of this investment was realized in less than two months since early November -- that is, since the American people rejected Hillary Clinton as their new president in favor of Donald Trump:

According to EPFR, in the six weeks after Republican candidate Donald Trump's victory, foreigners invested almost $1.3 billion, thus compensating the outflow of investment in the previous two and a half years.

Another factor that spurred investors to increase exposure to Russia was that in November OPEC reached a deal to cap production of oil.

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