Alex Jones: Trump Will Shut Out Neocon Media - Talk Only to Alt-Media (Video)

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"Hahahaha - you guys are such a fraud"

This is from two weeks ago, but we are just getting around to putting it up.  It is a great minute of entertainment.

It's a classic Jones rant about how terrible the media are.  

We're not posting it just cause we agree with Jones, which we emphatically do - there is a lesson to learn here - listen to this to understand just how much trouble the mainstream media are in, and how fast their audience is disappearing or getting snatched away by Jones and others like him.

Some quotes:

"Hahahahah - you are so OVER, you are so DISCREDITED, you are such a JOKE, you are such a FRAUD, you are such a SCAM..."

"You don't have an audience either..."

Then he goes on to rag on Anderson Cooper's dwindling US audience (100,000 viewers), and point out that Russia's has 18 million viewers per hour globally (admittedly in a lot of different countries).

He finishes by lambasting NPR for being heavily subsidized by the US government, and says he will lobby Trump to cut their funding (that part isnt in this clip) - sort of ironic that NPR was at the forefront of the mainstream media's trashing of Trump.

NPR had an 'expert' on one of their shows recently who called Jones a "gateway drug to white supremacism". 


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