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With Terrorism On The Move Countries Look To Russia For Help

The wide display of technology and firepower shown in Syria has encouraged building cooperation and buying weapons from Moscow

With ISIS and Al Nusra on the run thanks to the combined capabilities of the Russian air force and Syrian Arab Army, terrorist organizations are moving to reallocate forces, continue propaganda and recruitment, as well as to spread chaos.

One of the most important factors that makes Islamic State (IS) so successful is the capability to franchise, replicate and expand its symbols. In recent weeks we have come to know that Jemaah Islamiyah, maybe the most infamous islamic group in South Asia, has practically created a joint venture of terror, rebranding its labels with that of IS. This is just the beginning as more and more small groups taking up the black flag of IS and declaring allegiance to Al-Baghdadi or whoever is in charge of that jihadi galaxy.

<figcaption>India and Russia friendship and cooperation goes way back</figcaption>
India and Russia friendship and cooperation goes way back

India is very well aware of the consequences terrorism can bring to its diversified and complex society, especially with so many different ethnicities and with a Muslim population of over 120 million people. In this sense the extreme Wahhabi vision of Islam has become more and more influential in the country, which means trouble.

One of India’s closest military relationships is with Russia, a country that well knows the pain of terrorism and has worked hard to develop the appropriate military equipment and response to deal with such threats. Recent months in Syria have shown the world what an effective fight against terrorism looks like.

In the latest defense expo in India, New Delhi has shown renewed interest in many of Moscow’s security systems. The CEO of Rosoboronexport, Sergey Goreslavsky, told Tass news agency that an integrated security system is what many foreign countries are looking for.

“The Indian partners are very keenly interested in this system, because the country's Ministry of Defense is also involved in the fight against terrorism. We have held talks with the leadership of Indian states. The country’s defense minister expressed the desire to visit during his possible next trip to Russia [in April] a military facility that uses the most advanced security technology for its protection. We have created a concept and offered within it a list of Russian technologies that are an integrated security system. Above all, these are special technologies for controlling the borders and protection of facilities. They include, in particular, a number of proposals on combating terrorism.” This system also includes proposals on small arms, on helicopters and armored vehicles, as well as on mobile centers for the organization of work, including in mountainous terrain, Goreslavsky added.

This kind of framework to deal with terrorism is exactly what is needed. Cooperation on technology, weapons and logistics is the decisive factor in defeating Islamic State or any other terrorist organization.

An alliance like NATO is useless in counter-terrorism operations, and this has been fully exposed in the Middle East, where NATO and the Gulf States were unable to make important breakthroughs. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), on the other hand, is much more flexible and adaptable to different situations, encouraging cooperation at all levels, especially on terrorism issues. This is also why countries like Pakistan and India have became members, as will Iran will in mid-2016.

With terrorism from the Middle East and North Africa on the move over coming months or perhaps years, many countries are preparing to deal with one of the most complicated challenges ahead. Russia has proved to be a reliable partner in fighting terrorism and has shown the world what its capabilities are and how its weapons systems work in a war scenario. Who would not want a friend like that to stop the Wahhabi goons ?

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