The Telegraph Wins the Internet: "Two Walruses Die at Vladimir Putin-Backed Oceanarium"

Is Putin secretly arranging for deaths of marine animals at Vladivostok Ocenarium? Probably not, but we say yes -- because Putin


Ladies and gentlemen. We give you the latest Russia outrage keenly spotted by the tireless western mainstream media:








Two walruses have died suspiciously in an oceanarium suspiciously backed by Russia president Putin:

Two walruses have died at a Russian oceanarium backed by Vladimir Putin, in the latest of a series of tragedies to hit the complex. 

Fanya and Mira the walruses did not wake up from anaesthesia after undergoing an operation to remove their tusks earlier this week, the complex said. 

“After an operation to remove tusks the animals did not emerge from anaesthesia. The dose was standard. The operation was performed by one of the best vets in the world,” spokeswoman Elena Molchanova told a local news site. 

Mira and Fanya were captured from Arctic ice floes off Russia’s Chukotka region in 2013, after being identified as at-risk members of a wild colony there. 

Their arrival in Vladivostok on a specially fitted aircraft was widely reported in local media at the time. 

Actually this is just the latest in a suspiciously long list of suspicious deaths at Putin's factory of death:

They are the latest in a string of marine mammals to die at the marine wildlife complex, which has yet to open its doors to the public more than four years after it was meant to be completed. 

Concerns first emerged in December 2014, when several members of the scientific staff wrote an open letter saying inadequate conditions had already claimed the lives of six mammals, including a sea otter, a walrus, a dolphin, a beluga whale and two Baikal seals. 

At least three more animals have died since, including a Beluga whale who succumbed to an unidentified illness last November 2015, a bottle nose dolphin called Leo who died with a weakened immune system in January this year, and another Beluga who drowned in centre’s main pool after it managed to remove the protective grill from a pipe in which it then became trapped in April.

You don't believe us this is Putin's oceanarium? His fingertips are all over the place:.

Vladimir Putin [ie Russia president] originally ordered the construction of the oceanarium on Russky Island, near Vladivostok, in time for the opening of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in 2012. 

However, the project has been afflicted by funding shortfalls, delays, and accusations of fraud

In fact

Mr Putin has visited the centre at least three times to inspect progress on the project. It was meant to open its doors to the public this summer. 

How suspicious is that? Putin keeps visiting and animals keep dying. Is he making the rounds to arrange for deaths of marine mammals?? You can't put it past him. This is Putin after all. He just can't help himself but arrange for deaths of journalists, dissidents, exiles and now -- walruses!

Sickening! Only Putin would come up with the idea to supposedly set up an "ocenarium" to protect marine animals but then actually dedicate it to secretly killing them. 

Walrus killer
Walrus killer