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Tehran Forecasts Saudi Collapse as Riyadh Bombs Iranian Embassy in Yemen

Grim outlook for diplomatic solutions to conflicts in Yemen and Syria

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A seemingly permanent wedge has been driven between Iran and Saudi Arabia — two rivals who were never on friendly terms. The complete breakdown of Iranian-Saudi relations — most recently illustrated by Saudi airstrikes which damaged Iran's embassy in Sana, Yemen — will have serious repercussions for peace negotiations underway in both Syria and Yemen. Who benefits from preventing peace in Syria? We can think of a few countries...

The prospects for a peaceful Middle East have pretty much just nosedived. This feud goes way beyond just cutting diplomatic ties and trade (because of an executed cleric): Riyadh is now openly accusing Tehran of fueling sectarian violence (oh the irony), while Tehran is actually warning of Saudi Arabia's eventual demise:

<figcaption>The Saudis are playing a dangerous game with Iran</figcaption>
The Saudis are playing a dangerous game with Iran

The deputy head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) told Saudi Arabia on Thursday it would "collapse" in coming years if it kept pursuing what he called its sectarian policies in the region.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sudan and Djibouti broke off ties with Iran this week, the United Arab Emirates downgraded its relations and Kuwait and Qatar recalled their ambassadors after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was stormed by protesters.


"The policies of the Saudi regime will have a domino effect and they will be buried under the avalanche they have created," the IRGC's second-in-command, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency.

"If the Saudis do not correct their path, their regime will collapse in coming years."

As much as we sympathize with Iran, we can't help but feel that Tehran took the bait and gave the Saudis an excuse to derail peace talks in Syria and Yemen. Russia is already scrambling to find some way to deescalate the situation. But, just like in Ukraine, it will probably be in vain. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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