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Syria's Church Leaders Condemn Trump's 'Brutal Aggression', 'Salute the Courage of the Syrian Arab Army'

For some reason Syria's Christians, their bishops and patriarchs included, do not appreciate US cruise missiles on the side of jihad

It is a marvel to me how many Western Christians support the actions of their Governments as they “take action” against the Syrian Government. If they are aware at all of the huge Christian population in Syria (which many are not), they somehow believe that the Assad Government is the biggest threat to these Christians, and that their own Western Governments are the heroes of the hour, stepping in with their courageous stance and their pinpoint missiles to save the day.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Their Governments have been covertly supporting groups they laughably call “moderate rebels”, known in the real world as “head-chopping, liver-eating, fanatical Islamist jihadists” who go under names such as Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham (this non-denial denial in the British Parliament a few days ago makes fascinating reading to those who are able to read between lines). They have been doing so for their own geopolitical gain, and they even leave whopping big clues for us to follow, such as the gushing and fawning treatment given to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the biggest exporter of extremist, head-chopping Islamists in the world, in — well would you believe it — LondonParis and Washington over the past few weeks.

But somehow the clues are missed. Well maybe this will help. It is a statement released by the leaders of the main Christian denominations in Syria. And it is rather scathing of the actions of the US, the UK and France, to put it mildly.

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I can imagine many Western Christians scoffing at their statement, and implying that they have been brainwashed by “Assad’s propaganda”. To which there are two replies: Firstly, isn’t it a bit odd that leaders of Christian groups actually on the ground in Syria, as opposed to sitting in armchairs in the West, who have suffered enormously over the past seven years, would choose to defend what is apparently the biggest threat to their existence, and to condemn their apparent saviours? And secondly, is it perhaps time to stop and consider whether the brainwashing and propaganda may have been a little closer to home?

Read it and weep:

Source: TheBlogMire

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