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Syrian-Russian Offensive Advances 30 Kilometres Into Raqqa Province

Leaving it about 100 kilometres from the ISIS 'capital' -- the Syrian city of Raqqa hijacked by jihadis in 201

The Syrian Armed Forces had a very successful day in the west Raqqa countryside, liberating several sites from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway.

Led by the 4th Mechanized Division and Desert Hawks, the Syrian Armed Forces liberated the village of Abu Allaj in western Raqqa after engaging the Islamic State terrorists in a series of violent clashes near the Zakiyah Crossroad.

Following the liberation of Abu Allaj, the Syrian Armed Forces would seize approximately 11 km of territory along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway, putting them only 15 km west of the Al-Rasafah Crossroad.

The Al-Rasafah Crossroad is situated just 15 km south of the Tabaqa Military Airport, which makes this point the next target for the Syrian Armed Forces in the western countryside of the Raqqa Governorate.

All-in-all, the Syrian Armed Forces advanced over 30 km deep into the Raqqa Governorate on Sunday, marking the first time since August of 2014 that they are within 30 km of the Tabaqa Military Airport.

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