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Syrian Army Is Advancing on All Fronts

Chief of Russian Armed Forces General Staff reports to Putin major advances by the Syrian military made possible by Russian air strikes.

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General Gerasimov, Russia's top general,  gave a little noticed briefing to Putin on Tuesday.

He provided Putin with a detailed overview of the progress of the Syrian army's offensive.

General Gerasimov is the Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff.  

Anything he says about the military situation in Syria - especially in a public report to Putin - should be treated as far more reliable than anything said on the subject by anyone else.

Here is what General Gerasimov said:

“In the north, in the province of Aleppo, the Syrian army has liberated 40 residential areas, with the government forces deblocking the Kweiris airbase and currently expanding the security zone around the airport.

The offensive at Idlib is developing successfully: Syrian troops are currently conducting active offensive operations 20–30 km from the city.

In the coastal province of Lattakia, militants have been chased out of 12 residential areas.

Government forces and militia assault teams are involved in fierce fighting for the city of Salma.

On the divide between Gbana and Gmam, they have managed to secure a number of tactical heights and residential areas.  Despite the militants’ heavy resistance, the Syrian troops continue their advance.

In the centre of the country, an offensive by government troops and militia units resulted in the capture of the village of Haddad and the blockade of the militants in the town of Mhin.

The Syrian army continues its offensive towards Palmira. Since the beginning of active operations, the assault teams have advanced up to 4 km, blocking terrorists in the village of Maksam, and are currently fighting for the high points on the city’s fringes.

Near Damascus, fierce city fighting continues to liberate the districts of Jaubar and Eastern Guta from the militants.

For the first time in the four years of combat action, the Syrian army has liberated 80 residential areas, taking control over a territory of more than 500 square kilometres.”

This information fills in details previously provided sketchily either by the Syrians or from news reports.

It confirms that the Syrian army is making major gains and is advancing on all fronts.

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