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Syria Is Rising From the Ashes and All Haters Can Do Is Deny This Is Thanks to a Syrian (and Russian)-Fought Victory

The determination and persistence of Syria and her most trustworthy allies against NATO's barbarians has finally paid off, and Syria may now be "reborn".

The rebels have been repulsed and ISIS beaten into the ground and all Empire's errand boys can do is deny that defeat was brought about by Syria and Russia

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The day after Vladimir Putin’s announcement that the fight against the Islamic State was won, but before his “surprise appearance” at Russia’s Syrian airbase, Australia’s State Broadcaster the ABC chose to interview Matthew Levitt, from the Washington Institute’s Stein program on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence. Levitt was visiting Melbourne for a reason we only found out later, as one of 500 delegates to “the first meeting of the International Counter-Terrorism Forum to be held outside the US”.

The interview by the ABC’s Nick Grimm, provided a platform for Levitt to air his pathologically pro-Israel and anti-Resistance views, as well as to counter any suggestions that Russia deserved credit for “wiping out IS in Syria:

NG: “Russia and Bashar al Assad have declared that IS has been completely wiped out in Syria, now how accurate is that assessment in your opinion?”

ML: “In the first instance it’s pretty rich for Russia to be making those statements as Russia has been very active militarily in Syria but mostly in defence of the Assad regime, doing very little actually to combat the Islamic state. A more credible source is the International coalition of which the US and Australia are key partners, and they say that whereas at its height the Islamic State had somewhere around 40,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, now it’s down to 3000 – that’s a very significant victory.”

 Levitt doesn’t just suggest that volleys of cruise missiles and hundreds of bombing runs “did very little”, but that the Russian and Syrian governments are therefore claiming IS “has been wiped out” by someone else! Levitt’s figure for the “missing” IS fighters is close to the estimate from the Russian MFA, of 33,000 killed by Russian and Syrian allied forces in the last two years. Whether the US and its active coalition partners – the UK, France and Australia – have killed the other few thousand, or just relocated them – is a moot point, but it is actually they who have been doing very little to combat their “Islamic State”.

 Levitt’s claims to know more about Russia’s chosen targets in Syria than the pilots who dropped bombs on them, have to be assessed in the light of his record and writings. Focusing on Hamas and Hezbollah they reveal that his ideas of the terrorist threat allegedly facing the world are the mirror image of reality – or at least of the “Syrian reality” - which now includes the “Russian reality”, the “Lebanese reality” and the “Iranian reality” along with more than a few others.

For this man – who speaks for so many of his colleagues in the think-tanks of the “Anglo-Zionist Empire” – a Palestinian boy with a rock or a Hezbollah member of Lebanon’s government are greater terrorist threats than a violent Salafist mercenary with a US-supplied TOW missile launcher. Such an incredibly partisan and self-serving – or Israel-serving – point of view would be ridiculed if it were subject to any impartial commentary, such as Levitt might receive from our friends at RT, Press TV or Al Mayadeen.

But it’s far from a joke that this pathetic and frankly imbecilic propaganda is treated with respect and admiration by our media. This exchange between Matthew Levitt and ABC TV news presenter Beverley O’Connor, aired the evening before the radio interview above, well illustrates the problem that we now face in winning the “misinformation war” over Syria:

ML: “My biggest concern though is that Assad is still there, and he’s the biggest recruiter for Sunni extremism that you could possibly imagine, and there are many people around the world, some in the US, some that I’ve already met here in Australia who say “you know what, we really need a solution to this, maybe Assad should stay, and I think that this is very dangerous..”

Beverley O’Connor: …”very dangerous, and you’re not hearing very much from the States on Syria either at the moment, it’s gone very quiet..”

ML: “let me be very blunt – the United States has a counter ISIL policy, it doesn’t have a Syria policy, and that’s a problem.”

BC: --“a big problem…”

The main subject of this interview was the US move that same day to “recognise” Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and Levitt’s agenda was clearly to present that as “merely an acceptance of reality”, and no impediment to the peace process. While the Australian government hasn’t dared to express support for Trump’s incendiary proposal, its past record of unconditional support for the Apartheid state suggests it would be happy to follow suit when it is expedient. Mouthing platitudes about the “two-state solution” has also now become untenable, so “Israel’s greatest friend” Australia will actually have little choice.

It is tempting to see Levitt as an emissary of the US state, who has been working on Australia for a while. Back in 2013, as a guest of AIJAC - the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council, he pushed for the Australian government to classify ALL of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, in line with US policy. While this push was apparently unsuccessful, the Australian government doesn’t seem to recognise Hassan Nasrallah as a legitimate and popular leader in Lebanon any more than it recognises Bashar al Assad as President of Syria.

And thanks to the failure, or efforts, of media and think tanks and right-wing commentators, and the exclusion of alternative media like RT or Al Manar from Australian TV services, it would be hard to find any Australians who recognised Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah at all, outside Australia’s Lebanese community. That community is quite influential, but reflects the divided nature of its home country; it has also been the source of some of the Australians who have gone off to “join the Caliphate”.

So where is this leading us?

Following Putin’s statement, and the rather direct comments from the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani that the US needed to leave Syria NOW, one might have expected some reaction from the Australian government; perhaps even some begrudged thanks to Russia for “helping” to destroy the Islamic State, enabling “our men and women” to come home in time for Christmas. One might even have expected such a disingenuous statement as part of the continuing charade Australia has been playing over Syria for the last six years, given one issued only days earlier following the Iraqi announcement of victory over IS.

But there was nothing! Instead it seemed as though Australia and her allies in the GWOT were too pre-occupied with keeping the decapitated body of their Trojan Horse alive. So as Presidents Assad and Putin celebrated and thanked the weary troops for their hard-fought victory, Australians were being warned that terrorist attacks were more likely in the coming holiday period because the jihadis would be heading home.

With uncanny timing, and warning of the possible “re-direction” to come, a man detonated a bomb in a New York subway, claiming both to be inspired by Islamic State and to be protesting against Israeli actions in Gaza. His knowledge of bomb-making was no better than his knowledge of IS, as he failed to kill anyone, even himself.

That he didn’t know IS has never said a word against Israel or in defence of Palestinians and their holy city of Al Quds is however unsurprising – it is the West’s best kept secret about the “Global Terrorist Threat”.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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