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Sympathy for Putin by Various American Demographic Groups - a Graph

The following table shows the percentages of Americans who express a very/somewhat favorable opinion of Russian president Vladimir Putin. “Not sure” responses, constituting 19% of the total, are excluded so that the residual values represent the percentages of people who express a very/somewhat unfavorable opinion of him:

The familiar pattern of white Democrats on the ‘extreme’ end of the leftist spectrum and non-white Democrats occupying a more moderate position emerges here.

The generational divide is also notable. If the American political landscape is an equity market, I’m long on authoritarianism. Sulla is being summoned.

Parenthetically, Anatoly Karlin is shaking his head at our absurd conception of a dictatorial Putler running Russia with an iron fist, but that’s who we think he is and so that’s the type of leader 1-in-5 of us are desirous of!

Source: Unz Review
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