Surreal: Alex Jones Gives Epic Braveheart Speech At Inauguration

“It’s America 2.0! Supercharged! Ready. Coming. Committed… So get ready! - Yeahhhh!” (crowd goes wild)

Anyone who knows Alex Jones, knew the guy was going to lose his marbles over Trumps (very badass) inaugural speech.

America 2.0 - Supercharged!

Jones was at the capital covering the event. After the speech it only took him about 8 minutes to get warmed up and go into full Braveheart beast mode - and then... Wow.  

Jones at his finest - watch the 3 min clip below.

Regarding Jones' dead serious allegations that Obama and friends are actual "Devil worshipers" see last week's AJ Watch: Alex Jones: 'CIA Director Brennan Is an Entity From the Pit of Hell'

And here's Jones' full 35 min tirade

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